Friday, October 28, 2011

A Special Day. Today.

I was frightened when, Lyla, came to me with her purse draped over her shoulder, "mama, I have honey bees" ...& tapped her purse with her hand. My mind spun...Please! OH PLEASE, don't let her be collecting dead bees. In went her hand, I held my breath & out came....little pieces of yarn she'd cut with her scissors. PHEW! Dead Bee Collection ruled out. Then, I thought...cut, she cut these yarn bees. She's becoming proficient with her scissors, both with cutting and hiding when she's done with them. I'd better keep a close eye because you know what's next on the chopping block. Her Hair!
The compliments continue to pour in over my new hairstyle & I fall in love with it more every day....the hair, not the compliments. Although, who doesn't get rosy in the cheeks with a sweet compliment. *smile* I'm still stuck on some old habits, searching for hairbands to put my hair up in the morning & I keep grabbing the back of my head to release my ponytail every time I get in the shower. At least I know my auto pilot works well.
Many people have told me I look younger, which I don't quite get. yet. I mean, really...what's younger than a ponytail? Apparently, short pixie hair shaves off years! Whoo hooo! Heck Yah! I'll take it, with the Big 4-OH approaching in 2012 younger is welcome to come and stay awhile. If only I could find the secret to feeling younger, some days my muscles and joints feel double their age.
TODAY! Today is a special husband & I were married 5 years ago today. It was raining, we drank champagne and exchanged vows then several hours later we celebrated, in costumes, with friends and family. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, I wonder what waking up to snow covered lawns means on your 5th wedding anniversary? wear boots. or perhaps it means we'll win the Friday night lotto?! HA. Happy Anniversary to my, C Love!

A Painting of our ceremony venue...

Mr & Mrs!

Later that night, Lucy & Ricky with my mom & stepdad..Elizabeth Shaw & Jack Sparrow, followed up with the Wizard of In-Laws and Family.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend update ran straight through to Tuesday

Sickness made a visit this did a beautifully relaxant Sunday afternoon while Lyla went down for a 3 hour wake up in a pool of snot and drool nap. I'd contemplated waking her, but waking a recovering sick child comes with a penalty & well..NOT waking a recovering sick child midway through a three hour tour of an afternoon dreamland comes with a fine of it's own. 10 P.M. Sunday night she was still awake and ready to Rock! Good news is the snot faucet has since dried up, the cough has nearly disappeared completely & we all came through the long naps and late nights no worse for wear.

The husband & I are always looking for new recipes, not often do we come across something we'd add to our book of keepers. This weekend we ate a 'try that one again'...courtesy of everyday Food, you can check out the recipe yourself at the link below. I halved the recipe.

turkey and stuffing bake

I had the pantry items, needed to purchase only a pound of ground turkey ($3.49) on sale & a loaf of crusty white bread (.59), which I found on the day old rack at the supermarket. Four dollars, eight cents and an hour+ later we were enjoying our 'try that one again' recipe. The husband had mashed potatoes along side, I skipped the taters because while the expense on the wallet was barely a hit, it racked up 12 points for my daily weight watchers allowance.

Lyla welcomed Monday free of sickness, Hooray! A smile on both of our faces, only she decided to brush her smile & top lip with a fingernail file. Yikes. Can you say Raw Skin?! When I think of how it must have felt on her teeth I get the willies, never mind the scraping of flesh from her lip. Goodness Me...never a dull moment in this house. Monday was named bum lip day. We kept that lip iced with Mighty Mini's. A friend of mine had recommended them during our sleepless teething days and nights & I've never turned back. They Rock! Even I enjoy a Mini now & then.

Day Old Raw Lip

I sit here now, Tuesday night, this is the second time I've typed this blog, the first time around I was having issues with photobucket resizing my photos & I became frazzled & hit the back button and LOST it all. I tried this fancy shmancy ctrl Z I'd heard about only to find it not to be so fancy shmancy. damn it. started over & photobucket still isn't resizing properly. I'm hoping it's just slow to update & when I wake up and check in the morning the images aren't as large as they appear now. OR they'll have been eaten up like they were in another blog and I'll happily repost them so, if they're not here...Check Back! Anyway...BACK on Blog track. My shoulders and neck are achy and tight..NO, not from photobucket stress...well, maybe some. Mostly, from raking leaves today for our scarecrow skeleton dude. You should have seen the joy on Lyla's face...what a great time we had in the leaves...can't wait to spend a day leaf jumping with daddy. Until then he can enjoy the photos.
After all the outdoor excitement there was no settling her down this afternoon, enter totally annoyed Mama! ugh. I love nap time. It's ME time. I had no choice except to pony up and run with it & found a project...carving our pumpkin. Lyla chose a picture from the booklet of cute kitty, pumpkin faces, & witch templates, chose the one that matched our scarecrow dude...she's an edgy 2 and a half year old.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Timely Task

I'll admit it, I'm constantly asking for help with things around the house. Throw your dirty laundry in the hamper, pick up your toys, load or unload the dishwasher, hang your jacket up, just generally pick up after yourself...I'm not your personal maid, I'm one person with two arms & two legs with more than enough to keep me feeling suffocated & overwhelmed. Order yourself a Rosie or learn the drill!
This evening I wanted to hang up my husbands shirts fresh from the dryer so they'd be easier to iron & not hang onto wrinkles & the words "Mami, I want to help you" came from my sweet little helper bee's mouth. UGH! I immediately thought ...NO! I want to do this quickly, but what kind of mixed signals would I be sending if suddenly when she's offering help I'm shooing her away so, off we went to hang Daddy's shirts. I placed a dozen hangers on the bed beside the basket & she grabbed them all and ran them to her room, one at a time she'd bring me a hanger. "One Blue Hanger, Mama"..."Lyla, may I have another, please" & she'd run back to her room where she'd have to open the door she closed, walk in, close the door, rummage through the tangled pile for the perfect hanger, open the door, walk out, close the door & run the hanger back to me. I guess sometimes you just gotta slow down and let the minutes tick.

In other news...I had my hair cut tonight, I've been thinking about a new do for months & finally just did it. I love it & during these tough economic times think of the money I'll save on shampoo & conditioner! Cha-Ching! Over at delirious rhapsody there's plenty who've taken part in the naked face challenge, so here I am, naked face with old & new hair.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Toddler Brain Loophole

set up lyla with breakfast & an episode of mickey mouse clubhouse before I snuck into the bathroom for a quick shower, it's been forever since I've been able to shower alone. somedays I skip it all together because it turns into more work than I'm willing to bear, gross. yup, that's me. I didn't have a choice this morning, I had to clean my greasy self up before gymnastics class. there I was, relaxed, hot water bouncing off my two day old hair & "Mama, I wanna sowah" ..Seriously? I peek my head out and tell her that she can shower after gym, after we play with finger paints, "Mama is taking a shower alone today, Lyla" after gym is her time, it'll be the perfect time for a shower that turns into a playtime bath. she gave me the 'you're a b*tch' look...I got over it & lathered up my hair. I heard some rumbling around in the other room & then there she was again...covered in ink pad ink from her stamps and pad collection. LOL "Mama, I need wash up! I need sowah"...Seriously? haha what can I say, the kid has brains & uses them to her best ability, but I refused to let her win this one 100%, I rinsed my hair, barely, which in the end left it looking greasy...go figure, didn't get to shave my legs or pits, ultimately, my shower was a bust, but she didn't get her 'sowah' either..we washed her up in the sink. little miss thing working up a loophole. she brightens my days.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Women & Wine

reasons women drink wine = Men. & children who missed their naps.
what are your reasons?

the night owl puppy

seriously? the dog woke me up at midnight after I'd just fallen to sleep. he jumped up on the bed and was bouncing left to right like it was a trampoline. every time I attempted to grab his collar he jumped the other way, almost laughing at me. my canines were showing & curses flying under my breath...damn dog! haha if he still had balls, I would have kicked him in them. *wink* but a piece of me couldn't help but giggle, he's just such a cute big guy. my night owl puppy, which reminds me of while we were camping this summer, he was just 4 months old & in the middle of the night I wake up to him nudging my cheek and tapping my hand with his paw. I thought he was trying to tell me he needed to pee & then I heard it. "Whoooo, Whooooo." his ears twitched and he nudged me, he was frightened by the owl out in the woods. my puppy who was frightened by his first encounter with an owl has morphed into a bed jumping night owl.

Friday, October 14, 2011

quiet means trouble

The child & the dog running in different directions with sharp objects and choking hazards. excellent. When they're not trying to evade me & the dangerous items scolding, they're swarming me like annoying gnats making it nearly impossible to get anything productive done. On occasion I find the happy medium & then something like "mommy, my nose. popcorn my nose!" happens. When there is longer than 3 complete minutes of quiet you can bet something like unpopped popcorn kernels jammed up the nose is happening. Five tissues, a few whines & a couple of laughs later two kernels found their way out of Lyla's nasal cavity. I will not jam popcorn kernels up my nose has joined the ranks of 'I'll never do that again..maybe' also on the list...
allow the dog to run around me with his leash and dart away
play with soap and rub my eyes
suck the color out of markers
play on stairs
pull on curtains so hard that the rod crashes down & punctures skin
hang on drapes like a monkey

There is never a dull moment & if by chance I think there is, it won't end well.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stinky Poop

I know they're out there, mothers who inspect their kids bowel movements. Not Me! The day my daughter starts pooping diamonds and dollars...I'll think about it. Two days old, two years old, I've always loathed the stink bombs.
Week one of potty training & the sweet little bean dropped a couple deuces in the potty..maybe there wasn't enough fanfare because she has now begun to demand a diaper for pooping purposes...she retreats and returns shortly after "mama, I go poop"...excellent, the highlight of my day is wiping stinky butt & doing my best to wrap up the mess without having it hit the air or eyes for too long. ick.
This morning I was dropping my own business & Ms. Can Never Give Me a Single Moment of Peace sauntered into the bathroom as if to say 'what's going down in here, what am I missing out on' and stopped in her tracks "Mama, You Go Poop, YUCK!" and she began gagging. Seriously,'re gagging? What the heck is that all about #1 MY poop smells like lilacs on a breezy Spring morning, #2 on the big girl potty I can courtesy flush, #3 at least she doesn't have to wipe MY butt & yes, EVERYONE POOPS.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a today like yesterday & a tomorrow similar to today

Most of my days are piggy backed hours of incomplete thoughts..the rising and setting of the sun my only signs it's a new day of the same, scribbling lists, laundry, making sense of a toy cluttered house, art projects, nursery rhymes, alphabet singing, counting fingers & toes, in, day out... so what the heck could I have to offer by sitting down behind this screen and making a part of my drib drab life public?  Nothing. Ha-Ha-Ha.  Gotcha!  Me dropping crumbs about my boring day, with any luck a few readers eating them along the way....this could get entertaining, a bloggy Hansel & Gretel.  Ooooh, I wonder who the witch would be?   Last night when I scuffled into the bedroom eager for my head to melt into the coolness of an untouched pillow case the husband may have mumbled witch to me, or something along those lines.  I was attempting to set the alarm clock...FOR HIM, & in the dark my fingers fumbled knocking a pair of plastic binoculars to the could that be, our sweet pea would never litter the house with her toys & crash again, a plastic blow dryer smashes to the floor and then came the grumblings from the heap beneath the blankets.  Afterwards I was too annoyed to fall asleep so, I lay there listening to him huff, puff and sigh & thought about what I should blog about today if today were the day I found the time to sit behind the screen and ramble some thoughts. I guess I must have been too tired to retain the ideas because it's mostly like a dream I don't remember now...then again, after most days of parenting the child, dog and sometimes husband.. I'm left numb, my brain frazzled with only crumbs to offer...sometimes tasty, other times stale.