Friday, October 14, 2011

quiet means trouble

The child & the dog running in different directions with sharp objects and choking hazards. excellent. When they're not trying to evade me & the dangerous items scolding, they're swarming me like annoying gnats making it nearly impossible to get anything productive done. On occasion I find the happy medium & then something like "mommy, my nose. popcorn my nose!" happens. When there is longer than 3 complete minutes of quiet you can bet something like unpopped popcorn kernels jammed up the nose is happening. Five tissues, a few whines & a couple of laughs later two kernels found their way out of Lyla's nasal cavity. I will not jam popcorn kernels up my nose has joined the ranks of 'I'll never do that again..maybe' also on the list...
allow the dog to run around me with his leash and dart away
play with soap and rub my eyes
suck the color out of markers
play on stairs
pull on curtains so hard that the rod crashes down & punctures skin
hang on drapes like a monkey

There is never a dull moment & if by chance I think there is, it won't end well.

1 comment:

  1. And the "I'll never do that again" list never ends.

    In fact, I'm still adding to mine. ;)