Friday, October 28, 2011

A Special Day. Today.

I was frightened when, Lyla, came to me with her purse draped over her shoulder, "mama, I have honey bees" ...& tapped her purse with her hand. My mind spun...Please! OH PLEASE, don't let her be collecting dead bees. In went her hand, I held my breath & out came....little pieces of yarn she'd cut with her scissors. PHEW! Dead Bee Collection ruled out. Then, I thought...cut, she cut these yarn bees. She's becoming proficient with her scissors, both with cutting and hiding when she's done with them. I'd better keep a close eye because you know what's next on the chopping block. Her Hair!
The compliments continue to pour in over my new hairstyle & I fall in love with it more every day....the hair, not the compliments. Although, who doesn't get rosy in the cheeks with a sweet compliment. *smile* I'm still stuck on some old habits, searching for hairbands to put my hair up in the morning & I keep grabbing the back of my head to release my ponytail every time I get in the shower. At least I know my auto pilot works well.
Many people have told me I look younger, which I don't quite get. yet. I mean, really...what's younger than a ponytail? Apparently, short pixie hair shaves off years! Whoo hooo! Heck Yah! I'll take it, with the Big 4-OH approaching in 2012 younger is welcome to come and stay awhile. If only I could find the secret to feeling younger, some days my muscles and joints feel double their age.
TODAY! Today is a special husband & I were married 5 years ago today. It was raining, we drank champagne and exchanged vows then several hours later we celebrated, in costumes, with friends and family. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, I wonder what waking up to snow covered lawns means on your 5th wedding anniversary? wear boots. or perhaps it means we'll win the Friday night lotto?! HA. Happy Anniversary to my, C Love!

A Painting of our ceremony venue...

Mr & Mrs!

Later that night, Lucy & Ricky with my mom & stepdad..Elizabeth Shaw & Jack Sparrow, followed up with the Wizard of In-Laws and Family.

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