Monday, October 10, 2011

Stinky Poop

I know they're out there, mothers who inspect their kids bowel movements. Not Me! The day my daughter starts pooping diamonds and dollars...I'll think about it. Two days old, two years old, I've always loathed the stink bombs.
Week one of potty training & the sweet little bean dropped a couple deuces in the potty..maybe there wasn't enough fanfare because she has now begun to demand a diaper for pooping purposes...she retreats and returns shortly after "mama, I go poop"...excellent, the highlight of my day is wiping stinky butt & doing my best to wrap up the mess without having it hit the air or eyes for too long. ick.
This morning I was dropping my own business & Ms. Can Never Give Me a Single Moment of Peace sauntered into the bathroom as if to say 'what's going down in here, what am I missing out on' and stopped in her tracks "Mama, You Go Poop, YUCK!" and she began gagging. Seriously,'re gagging? What the heck is that all about #1 MY poop smells like lilacs on a breezy Spring morning, #2 on the big girl potty I can courtesy flush, #3 at least she doesn't have to wipe MY butt & yes, EVERYONE POOPS.

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