Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a today like yesterday & a tomorrow similar to today

Most of my days are piggy backed hours of incomplete thoughts..the rising and setting of the sun my only signs it's a new day of the same, scribbling lists, laundry, making sense of a toy cluttered house, art projects, nursery rhymes, alphabet singing, counting fingers & toes, scolding...day in, day out... so what the heck could I have to offer by sitting down behind this screen and making a part of my drib drab life public?  Nothing. Ha-Ha-Ha.  Gotcha!  Me dropping crumbs about my boring day, with any luck a few readers eating them along the way....this could get entertaining, a bloggy Hansel & Gretel.  Ooooh, I wonder who the witch would be?   Last night when I scuffled into the bedroom eager for my head to melt into the coolness of an untouched pillow case the husband may have mumbled witch to me, or something along those lines.  I was attempting to set the alarm clock...FOR HIM, & in the dark my fingers fumbled knocking a pair of plastic binoculars to the floor...how could that be, our sweet pea would never litter the house with her toys & crash again, a plastic blow dryer smashes to the floor and then came the grumblings from the heap beneath the blankets.  Afterwards I was too annoyed to fall asleep so, I lay there listening to him huff, puff and sigh & thought about what I should blog about today if today were the day I found the time to sit behind the screen and ramble some thoughts. I guess I must have been too tired to retain the ideas because it's mostly like a dream I don't remember now...then again, after most days of parenting the child, dog and sometimes husband.. I'm left numb, my brain frazzled with only crumbs to offer...sometimes tasty, other times stale.  

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  1. Although it was years ago, (where the hell does the time go?) this picture you paint seems very familiar to me. The days do eventually stop melting into one another...but...unfortunately, the numb, frazzled brain seems to be a long lasting side effect of motherhood.

    Looking forward to your crumbs...