Monday, October 17, 2011

Toddler Brain Loophole

set up lyla with breakfast & an episode of mickey mouse clubhouse before I snuck into the bathroom for a quick shower, it's been forever since I've been able to shower alone. somedays I skip it all together because it turns into more work than I'm willing to bear, gross. yup, that's me. I didn't have a choice this morning, I had to clean my greasy self up before gymnastics class. there I was, relaxed, hot water bouncing off my two day old hair & "Mama, I wanna sowah" ..Seriously? I peek my head out and tell her that she can shower after gym, after we play with finger paints, "Mama is taking a shower alone today, Lyla" after gym is her time, it'll be the perfect time for a shower that turns into a playtime bath. she gave me the 'you're a b*tch' look...I got over it & lathered up my hair. I heard some rumbling around in the other room & then there she was again...covered in ink pad ink from her stamps and pad collection. LOL "Mama, I need wash up! I need sowah"...Seriously? haha what can I say, the kid has brains & uses them to her best ability, but I refused to let her win this one 100%, I rinsed my hair, barely, which in the end left it looking greasy...go figure, didn't get to shave my legs or pits, ultimately, my shower was a bust, but she didn't get her 'sowah' either..we washed her up in the sink. little miss thing working up a loophole. she brightens my days.

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