Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend update ran straight through to Tuesday

Sickness made a visit this weekend...as did a beautifully relaxant Sunday afternoon while Lyla went down for a 3 hour wake up in a pool of snot and drool nap. I'd contemplated waking her, but waking a recovering sick child comes with a penalty & well..NOT waking a recovering sick child midway through a three hour tour of an afternoon dreamland comes with a fine of it's own. 10 P.M. Sunday night she was still awake and ready to Rock! Good news is the snot faucet has since dried up, the cough has nearly disappeared completely & we all came through the long naps and late nights no worse for wear.

The husband & I are always looking for new recipes, not often do we come across something we'd add to our book of keepers. This weekend we ate a 'try that one again'...courtesy of everyday Food, you can check out the recipe yourself at the link below. I halved the recipe.

turkey and stuffing bake

I had the pantry items, needed to purchase only a pound of ground turkey ($3.49) on sale & a loaf of crusty white bread (.59), which I found on the day old rack at the supermarket. Four dollars, eight cents and an hour+ later we were enjoying our 'try that one again' recipe. The husband had mashed potatoes along side, I skipped the taters because while the expense on the wallet was barely a hit, it racked up 12 points for my daily weight watchers allowance.

Lyla welcomed Monday free of sickness, Hooray! A smile on both of our faces, only she decided to brush her smile & top lip with a fingernail file. Yikes. Can you say Raw Skin?! When I think of how it must have felt on her teeth I get the willies, never mind the scraping of flesh from her lip. Goodness Me...never a dull moment in this house. Monday was named bum lip day. We kept that lip iced with Mighty Mini's. A friend of mine had recommended them during our sleepless teething days and nights & I've never turned back. They Rock! Even I enjoy a Mini now & then.

Day Old Raw Lip

I sit here now, Tuesday night, this is the second time I've typed this blog, the first time around I was having issues with photobucket resizing my photos & I became frazzled & hit the back button and LOST it all. I tried this fancy shmancy ctrl Z I'd heard about only to find it not to be so fancy shmancy. damn it. started over & photobucket still isn't resizing properly. I'm hoping it's just slow to update & when I wake up and check in the morning the images aren't as large as they appear now. OR they'll have been eaten up like they were in another blog and I'll happily repost them so, if they're not here...Check Back! Anyway...BACK on Blog track. My shoulders and neck are achy and tight..NO, not from photobucket stress...well, maybe some. Mostly, from raking leaves today for our scarecrow skeleton dude. You should have seen the joy on Lyla's face...what a great time we had in the leaves...can't wait to spend a day leaf jumping with daddy. Until then he can enjoy the photos.
After all the outdoor excitement there was no settling her down this afternoon, enter totally annoyed Mama! ugh. I love nap time. It's ME time. I had no choice except to pony up and run with it & found a project...carving our pumpkin. Lyla chose a picture from the booklet of cute kitty, pumpkin faces, & witch templates, chose the one that matched our scarecrow dude...she's an edgy 2 and a half year old.

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