Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Battle of the Binky

2:30 A.M., I awake to the whisper of a tiny voice "Mama, I want my deetz, my deetz." It happens at least a couple times a night, every night. If I slept as deep as the husband maybe I'd sleep through the voice and she'd find it on her own or just give up and pass back out..but no, there I am, on my feet, the Binky Hunter. I throw on the headlamp, adjust it to night vision red lighting and begin the search. Usually, I find it nestled under my husbands back. OH YES! We're a co-sleeping family. There were several months, Lyla, slept in her todder bed...beside our bed, but like clock work she'd climb between us before the sun rose. The husband enjoys the cuddle time, he loses out on so much daddy daughter time working so hard, so...I went with it & honestly, I'm okay with it now, except for the waking binky hunting moments. When she's ready, she'll transition. Ha-Ha When she's 10 and still sprawled between us, please Slap Me!
"Mama, my deetz! Mama, puppy & kitty, where's puppy & kitty?"...yes! we also sleep with her two favorite plush animals, at least until she's out cold.
Headlamp shining from my forehead, the wee hours of the morning, army crawling around on the floor searching for the damn blue binky. I'd have ran downstairs to grab the yellow binky if we hadn't misplaced it at nap time. I can hear concern in Lyla's voice, she's becoming increasingly worried this search will come up empty handed. THEN! THERE IT IS! dead center beneath the bed, naturally, a fingertip too far from my reach. WTF. I lost 5lbs last week, but not quite enough to fit my butt further than a shoulder blade under the bed. Now I scurry around the room in search of a gogo gadget arm...Daddy's back scratcher to the rescue! Hooray! Lyla rolls over, cuddles up behind Daddy, the nuk nuk sound of binky sucking, puppy and kitty cradled under each arm & drifts back off to dream land. ME? I laid there, cursing that binky, staring at the shadows on the ceiling, glancing at the clock for two hours. Somewhere between 4:30 and 4:45 A.M. I'd dozed off and at 4:46 I was grabbing that damn binky from beneath my husbands back. It doesn't matter how many times I find that damn binky, the battle can't be won until they're banished! Stay tuned for Banish the Binky! Date to be determined because I'm afraid of losing more sleep than I do already. Is it really all about me? ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to all, Gobble. Gobble!

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