Monday, December 19, 2011

me & my shadow trip'n through another day

My shadow has six legs, four of which are always hairy.
My two legs are on occasion...fury.

My shadow wears hula skirts in December while singing 'jingle bells'.
I have never worn a hula skirt.

My shadow loves to bake doggie treats, as well as, eat them.
I prefer gummy bears as a shadow wouldn't kick a gummy out their mouths, either.

My shadow hops over shadows on the ground & chases it's tail.
I sometimes feel like I'm chasing my tail & try to never step on the cracks!

My shadow wants everything that is mine to call 'theirs'.
I call it 'ours' and then put it away where only I can reach it.

My shadow is excited for Christmas.
I, too, am excited for Christmas.

Where does the time go? This month is a blurr...I don't get it, I bought and wrapped all Santa's gifts in the fall so, I wouldn't be too busy to enjoy the build up of Christmas, then...I blinked and now, Santa is only 6 nights away. Holy Sleigh! We've been continuing to work on our crafty Christmas tree, there have been a couple near casualties, but we mended and as Lyla instructs "hang it higher!"
We're planning our Christmas Day menu, last year was Italian, the year before we cooked up our very own Chinese spread..we've decided this year will be Mexican. Nachos, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Salsas, Mole & Margarita's.
Lyla & I bought a Christmas Donkey pinata. I took Dominick the Christmas Donkey out of the closet the other day and realized it's a, we'll imagine it's a donkey. shadow is chasing itself and whining...gotta run!

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