Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree..OH, Crafty Christmas Tree...

The dog ate my blog, scraps of paper covered with my handwriting strewed the floor. What the Blog?! I realize he's just 8 months old with an urge to chew, but he has bones for that. My puppy has a paper addiction. Toilet. Tissue. Notebook. Napkin. He can't get enough. He also has a thing for bright and shiny. We unpacked our tree, yes our tree comes from a box, not the ground..but an artificial tree is better than no tree, which would be the case considering my husbands allergies. He's allergic to Christmas...Trees. I'm not entirely sure what kind, but rather than send him for testing and risk having to toss out my cheer before Christmas ever again I'll play it safe with fake pine needles. Fa la la la la there we were, Lyla & myself connecting top, middle and bottom, fanning our branches and plugged it in. I turned for a moment & turned back to see Oscar twitch and a portion of the tree go black. NOOO! Seriously, Dog? I've already struggled through the child put everything in her mouth stage must I endure puppy mouthing the world too?! What the Mouth!? Thanks, buddy. Awesome. & before I could grab his collar and give him a stern warning he's neck deep in the tree. twitch. & now the entire bottom half of the tree is dark. lights out. BAH HUMBUG! I took a long deep breath. Put the dog in his crate & headed back to begin Operation Tree Light. Didn't take long, used my scissors to cut and splice the wires back together, twisted them up and wrapped them securely with electrical tape. Tah-Dah! It works once again...sure it's missing a couple lights, but I wouldn't have had this story to share because The Dog ate my other Blog. :) So, it's a half backwards Thank You to Oscar for misbehaving.
Once I had the tree up and shining again & relief was tingling through my body I knew unpacking the keepsakes to hang on the tree was a no go this year. Too much curiosity & rambunctiousness ruling this roost. I saw flashes of Lyla and Oscar standing around shattered glass with the 'he did it'..'she did it' eyes gazing up at me. Heck NO! A toddler handcrafted ornament tree it will be. So far we've hung snowflakes, paper stockings decorated with stickers, a fairy wearing a red garland dress with pink hair and a tiny head..reminiscent of the tiny head scene in Beetlejuice..Um, I just aged myself.., Mickey Mouse & his gang garland made from toilet paper rolls and scrapbook paper, a red & green Christmas countdown chain & a glittery pine cone. Oh what fun it is to create a tree full of ornaments! Hey! ...that cost next to nothing & are the perfect time filler for December craft hours.

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