Friday, December 9, 2011

a room full of strangers

I survived my first, mostly strangers, Children's Birthday party. Our neighbors, whom I only know in passing..damn, Who or Whom? I always forget the rule...anyway...mommy neighbor brought over an invite for her middle daughters 5th Birthday. Their youngest daughter is a little older than Lyla, they've played a few times together out in the yards. Our neighbors had bought the house across the street a few months before we'd bought ours a couple years ago. Now that Lyla is getting older I suspect we'll do more playing with the neighbors so, attending this birthday is probably the first in a long line of birthdays. I did skim my 'how to avoid party & not be an ass' bank..but there weren't many options that wouldn't have had my guilt meter hit'n the red. My husband on the other guilt on him, he was dead set against going and making small talk with strangers in a house full of kids high on frosting! He played the 'I've been sick all week and need this weekend to rest up' card. It's laughable.
We went shopping for a gift. Everything Lyla suggested was an item on her Christmas list. Obviously, she was shopping for herself...I should have caught on after the 5th time she told me it was HER Birthday, but I hadn't had a coffee yet. It took us an entire morning to understand we were buying something for someone else &we couldn't keep it. On her Birthday in April, she could pick out toys for herself. Made it home just in time to shower and head off across the street. When we first walked in I wanted to run back in the other direction, but instead headed straight for the caffeine hopped sugar high in a can, cracked it open & there in my hand was my room full of strangers icebreaker! Thank You Coca Cola for the White Christmas can & Thank You to all the complainers in the world...'whah, it doesn't taste like Coca Cola from a white can, the can must be red. whah, I don't want to pay attention so please keep color coding regular and diet coca cola cans for me. My opening line.. "Tastes fine to me."
Nearly two hours later.. full on Papa Gino's pizza, chips, cheese, crackers & plenty of laughs later, it was time to head home, handful of balloons flying above hour heads, plate full of cupcakes in hand and smiles on both of our faces. In the words of Dora "we did it!" Now I question why I had anxiety over it to begin with...silly Mama.

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