Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blender Blunder

What happens when you forget a spoon in a blender full of plain yogurt, chopped onions, garlic cloves, fresh ginger, lemon juice, oil, coriander, cumin and turn it on? It's Not good, nor is it a sight I ever wish to witness again. I had my reservations about the tandoori style chicken because it called for a 500 degree oven to char the chicken...I could already hear the smoke detectors piercing my ear drums...BUT, I'd already bought the broken down whole chicken and yogurt & the recipe had been filed from top to bottom in the "try this" folder so many times that it was time to try it, like it or hate it. Lyla & I jumped to marinade work mode; chopped, peeled, scooped, poured, and shook our ingredients into our blender pitcher. I forgot to pull out the spoon we'd used to scoop the yogurt, popped the top of the blender on, nestled it in the base, selected blend and pushed On.
The cover came flying off, I was confused...wtf was going on? What was that clanking noise? This Blender Is Possessed! We're under attack, yogurt and chunks of onions flying up and raining down on us! A Tandoori Style Marinade Explosion! I pushed Off and ran for cover. Lyla had already ran for a safer corner! Then I looked down and saw my finger bleeding and a big chunk of glass missing from the side of the pitcher, it was then, I knew..."OH F*^%! The Spoon!" and Lyla laughed..how dare she!? and she looked at me and said "OH, F*&%, Mama! The Spoon!" and we both just laughed. Marinade a bust. Potty mouth in full effect and a whole lot of mess.
I need a new blender.

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