Friday, January 6, 2012

each day is a new beginning

Do people put too much pressure on 2012 to deliver "awesomeness" ? Do they allow the bad moments of 2011 define it as a whole? We all have crappy struggles any given year, most of us, I assume..anyway...whether it's illness, financial or run of the mill stress with life. Livin' ain't easy, sometimes. I had some down and out days in 2011, days I thought I'd never get through with my sanity intact..but here I am. All in all, it was a damn good year at home watching my daughter's magical, when it's not awful. Tears and tantrums over candy and bed and baths and socks we can't find the mate to and your cookie is bigger than my cookie and the dog ate my toy and mama scolded me because I asked for a tissue, but then blew my nose on her sweatshirt..while she was wearing it! whaw, whaw, whaw. Tantrums I never thought I'd survive, the moments I'd just want to clench my fists, stomp MY feet and scream "what about ME?"
I survived those first few months of puppy training. OH MY! That was rough.
The managing of my dead fathers estate. OH MY! That was a long fought battle I thought for sure would scar my family, but here I am & it's behind me & in the process healed some of my childhood emotional wounds.
I don't expect anything from 2012, but from myself I expect to keep on, keeping on. I should exercise more, eat less carbs, take Oscar for more walks, spend more time dog training, go to doggy school, drink more water, the list could go on & on but the only thing I ask myself is to take one day as it comes, don't sweat the small stuff, learn something new with Lyla each day & with any luck at the end of it all I'm as satisfied as I am today with where I am in life.
You know what would be truly excellent? Losing another 33lbs this year! One day at a time. One pound at a time.
Happy New Year to You All!

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