Friday, January 27, 2012

Everyone Loves a Compliment

When compliments come few and far between you make quick note of them, you may even pull one out from your arse. Lyla unknowingly dropped a confidence building compliment on me today while I exited the shower to get ready for work.
She was singing Happy Birthday to my butt..Not entirely sure why..but, I rolled with it, dropping in a few notes of my own here and there & she went off on a solo, switched up the words a little bit and threw in "your butt looks like raw chicken, Happy Birthday to, You!"
Raw Chicken is better than lumpy gravy! Whooo Hooo! GO Me! The dieting is doing wonders because I swear I was oatmeal before. Although, I've been stuck at down 33lbs for what feels like forever, I've wandered a bit off the diet path so, I'm thankful to have not gained during my eat right, play right hiatus & this raw chicken comparison may just be the props I needed to get my loss back on!

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