Tuesday, January 10, 2012

feels good to do good

Monday is "emnastics" day, we'd missed last week because I didn't want sickness tagging along to the gym & the week before was winter vacation so, excitement was running high when health was on our side & gym was a green light! Yay! Having not been on my A game since the new year began we had a list of errands to run after class & on our way home hours later Lyla realized she'd left her Dora water bottle behind somewhere. Ugh. What would have been nap time turned into a search and recovery mission. I was tense, cranky at the fact we had to turn around and go back to look for the damn water bottle. Why? Why couldn't I kept a keener eye on it? After a quick conversation with my husband, his voice resonating stress from a hellish morning at work I felt guilty about how I let something so petty get under my skin. I thought 'damn, girl, you have to loosen up, you have it easy'..yesterday anyway...then, Lyla & I decided after our mission we'd hit up the grocery store for special treats to make daddy's night better than his day. We never did find the water bottle & found ourselves at another store purchasing a new one, that we'll do our best not to leave behind this time around. We baked cupcakes for us, daddy and his coworkers, we made one of his favorite meals for dinner and Lyla drew him a special 'you had a bad day' picture, Oscar chewed the bottom of it to leave his mark, too. Damn Dog! haha The smile we induced was rewarding to all of us. Daddy left this morning with 60 miniature chocolate, chocolate cupcakes with rainbow jimmies all in the name of smile promotion.
Feels good to do good.
Felt good to be sitting on the couch last night, feet up, daughter in bed, dog chilling out, husband watching television upstairs, notebook by my side to jot down blogging ideas. Ahhhh, relaxation 101. Whoot! I sat there for a few debating whether to pop a bottle of wine open or mix myself up a hot cocoa. The perfect end to my day. Ten minutes later my cocoa is cooling off, I'm ready to go in for a sip and the smoke detectors pierce my eardrums. UGH! Noooo! I'd foiled my night of relaxing alone on the couch, I forgot to turn the burner off on the stove & as I earnestly fanned the detector with a kitchen hand towel I heard the whines from upstairs. NOOOOO! haha "Mama, I want you hold me, I want to cuddle on the couch with Mama!" Irritation bubbled inside...but why? Sure, I never get time to myself...EVAH! BUT..is my favorite little girl in the whole wide world wanting to cuddle with me the worst thing that could be going down at 9 p.m. on a Monday night? My clenched jaw was a silly reaction to the innocent love of staying up late with Mama cuddling on the couch. She'd even agreed to watch the Bachelor with me. Sooooo...down she came, doodled on my note pad, "Mama, I left you a note." we cuddled on the couch, sharing a blanket and my cocoa. Not quite the ending I'd envisioned, but a happy ending just the same.

I recently read a status post on Facebook about Paying if Forward for 2012 & have decided it would be something fun to do here on my blog. I, Mama Crumb, promise to make something handmade for the first 5 readers who become "members" of my blog via Google Friend Connect & feel free to do the same on your blog and invite me to join the fun. The rules: your homemade gift must be handmade by you and recipients must receive their homemade gift in 2012. Come on, Join and become a member of my..you, the people who come back & visit often.

If you're already one of my handful of members, leave a comment & I'll make you something, too. I'll contact you for a mailing address when I'm ready to ship your crafty gift.

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