Thursday, February 23, 2012

Battles Won & Ongoing

Lyla has an imaginary, Geo, from Team Umizoomi.. who was eager to travel with us to do errands this morning....she said. & yes, I was asked to accommodate his needs & open & close the car door for him at every stop we made & yes I received a few odd glances from folks who didn't grasp why I was opening & closing car doors with no obvious reason sight. Duh, People...get with the imaginary friend gig! We could have lost, Geo, in the baking aisle at the supermarket if we hadn't traced our steps back..because well... why would we want to make a trip to the supermarket simple and quick, that would be just plain Crazy. I'll gladly entertain a ride with & search for Geo if Lyla continues wanting to rock Milly ponytails. Hello, Brush & Comb! I've been finger combing her hair in a game of catch me if you can because a comb or a brush in hand meant meltdown. There's not a day on this earth I want to take part in a battle over a hairbrush. Heck no. Now we're both winning...I didn't stress & she doesn't look like a scrub. HA.
I was relieved when Lyla spotted Geo near the brownie mix.. it only took us three aisles of back tracking. I spent all that time looking for Geo and I forgot a few items I hadn't written on my list, but had instead added to an amended 'mental' list in the wee hours of the morning when I randomly woke up & decided the hour was perfect to start thinking about crap that just doesn't matter. Three nights in a row now...2 until about 3:30ish A.M. I lay there and make a plan, a list, or think about how the battle of the binky is all on me...I'm an enabler. The binky has been falling out of her mouth at night when she finds that mouth gaping state...the wiggle your fingers around my face, but I'm out...believe it...I can't hear, feel or see them, I could drool at any moment, state. I'll finally fall into the light sleep I've been conditioned to believe is sleep.. since pregnancy three plus years ago, and it happens...I hear her. She's grinding her teeth. It sends chills up my spine...perfect.. I'm awake again, now with anxiety that her teeth will be little chipped up tic tacs in the, I find that binky and pop it back in after I whisper "you're grinding your teeth" in her ear. binky enabler.
Daddy grinds his teeth & he doesn't have a binky....he does, however, wear a night guard & I'm sure this Spring when we visit the dentist he will recommend a guard for Lyla...which will end with more binky. the pricey route.
I never realized how common teeth grinding is in children. Then again, before now, why would I need to know that?
I wonder if there's an episode of Team Umizoomi where Milly wears a night guard?

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