Thursday, March 1, 2012

hand that sausage a shovel

My subconscious may have reasons of its own to be embracing the snow, cold & layers of winter. Lyla, myself and Garammy went shopping for summer dresses for Lyla earlier this week. I found myself in a dressing room trying on swimsuits. um. too much sausage in a nylon spandex casing. I'm traumatized. I shouldn't have been poking fun at Angelina Jolie's bobblehead phase because I obviously, have problems of my own on the opposite side of the spectrum. Holy Cannoli, if only I could siphon some fat from my thighs, breasts, butt, belly, waist, arms, chin..big toe, to the can we pour bacon fat into below the kitchen sink & throw it out with the trash. I shouldn't get too down on myself. I've managed to keep the 33 pounds off I lost last year, but I've done too much fence sitting since before Christmas. It's time to back away from the buffet and wrap my mind around losing weight again. I've thought about switching up the 'diet' eating habits, sparking change within and practicing something fun like a meat free March...but, where's the fun if it's a difficult routine for a carnivore like myself to dive into. too much, too soon. Meat free Mondays in March may be more my speed & add a day each Month until Summer BBQ season is shining down baking me..a thinner swine. Of course I could have already begun other popular fasting & abstinence rituals & saved myself all this extra thinking & be down a pound or two already! Damn me and my irreligiousness. Damn my jiggle. Damn time I head back out to embrace this snow again today. Bend with the knees and shoveling is great for the heart and waistline. The snow blower is great for the back.
Happy Snowy New England Day!
Happy Layers!

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