Monday, March 19, 2012

necessary evils

I'm not a fan of the dentist, cleanings are a necessary evil. not a fan of the smells, the sounds, the people, the it's time for Xray's ....all of it. & NO, I don't want to make small talk while you have sharp objects in my mouth & I can't swallow my spit when I want. I'm not here to shoot the sh*t, I'm here to get my clean on...because while I don't like having to go and deal with it all, I do Love the feeling of fresh my mouth has after a dentist polishing. Every Time I get the same 'talk''re not flossing enough, you have a disposition for gum this and that & you need to do better. I hear you! just like I heard you the last time & the time before that & every year, twice a year for what has been most of my life...I can only hope I heard you loud enough this time that I don't start taking days off here and there that morph into weeks, the last thing I want is a need to see a periodontist in 6 months and nail down the fact that I slack on occasion & genetically have challenging gums. It was the worst when I was pregnant, I was trying to pick something out of my teeth and tore my gums, this little flap of skin hanging, it healed. phew. haha My gums were like paper during pregnancy. I had to brush my teeth 3 and 4 times a day to stay clear of infection and every time there was enough blood to feed Transylvania.
Hello, dermatologist! nothing like the year FORTY creeping up on you like an ugly mole with questionable ridges. She right away says, I'm nearly positive it's seborrheic keratosis & isn't serious, then came the BUT, ...BUT, we need to be sure and biopsy it & we'll call you later this week. Okay, Back Up: What is it? Why do I have it? & What is it, People terms. People Terms Were: Benign Growth that I could see more of into my 60's & 70's. Let me add comedy to the seborrheic keratosis growth...I researched it on my own to get it straight in my head, here's some good people terms "old people barnacles" LOL Seriously? haha I realize 40 is coming down on me this year, but ...I'm not OLD!
Yet another necessary evil I'm forced to show up for at least once a year: lab work. It all came back clean as a! I can stay off the, bromocriptine, given my prolactin level is "perfect" which frees me up from having to endure an MRI on the head to check out my pituitary tumor, which one can only assume hasn't grown larger since I stopped taking my little tumor shrinking white pills. Yay! My journey continues free of pills. I've seen so many doctors, so many specialists through many points in my life & I'm thankful that with 40 coming I may not (yet) be physically in the best shape of my life, but medically I'm shining bright....well, aside from the old people barnicles. LOL I feel free! TAKE THAT FORTY!
Next up: Mammogram. I have until May to let this appointment eat away at my imagination and increase my level of annoyance.

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  1. Your too funny!! David says he really needs to talk to u about the whole dentist thing. He's all like "I know right!" Haha.

  2. haha sometimes I think to myself..I wonder how many people have actually bit the dentist because one day I may be part of that statistic.