Saturday, March 24, 2012

"One, two, Freddie's coming for you..."

I bought a jump rope. Damn, jumping rope is no joke! I wonder if there were any neighbors peering out their windows when I attempted my first jump of the rope in what must be nearly 30 years. I can only imagine how hysterical it was to onlooking eyes, I laughed at myself and all I could see was me jumping up and landing just before the rope made it beneath my feet. This happened several times before I said to Lyla "Can you believe it, Lyla, Can you believe, Mama doesn't remember how to jump rope!" and my little sweetie looked at me and told me it was okay. NO, it's not okay! I picked the rope back up, after I'd tossed it aside with frustration and tried again. I managed to hop the rope, but not more than once. Seriously? Is it really this difficult? I know I'm a klutz and uncoordinated, but c''s Jump Rope! haha What kind of mommy role model can't jump fricken rope?! I hear Daddy turn the corner, his tunes bump'n from the windows of his car and a smile creeps upon my face. I can't wait to challenge him to the jump roping task! First Try. Damn Him! Although, he wasn't graceful in the beginning.

Day Two: Major improvement from the embarrassment of day one. Although it's time to pull out the sports bras. I have enough fat jiggle from top to bottom & need to prevent all the jiggle juggle I can. A friend was over & she, too, performed good jumping on attempt number one. Show offs! HA.

Day Three: Woke up this morning and had to stretch. Hamstrings, lats and calves are feeling it today. You don't realize how pathetic the shape of your body is in until you skip some rope for sh*ts and giggles a couple days in a row.

"....three four, better lock your door, five six, grab your crucifix, seven eight gonna stay up late, nine ten, never sleep again."


  1. Ha ha, I tried jumping rope for the first time in I don't know how many decades last summer, and my experience was much the same as yours. Especially my calves the day after... talk about sore :)

  2. Ha, he don't realize how out of shape we are until we bring back childhood favorites. glad it's not just me! thanks for sharing!