Wednesday, April 25, 2012

two peas in a pod

the excitement meter is jiggling on this end!  and also on my back end.  damn jiggle.  the watermelon margarita and chimichanga I devoured while out to eat last night didn't help the scale this morning...but what the heck, your daughter only turns three once.  or twice in our case, so far...with one more on deck. We celebrated Sunday with Disney on Ice which included a couple pineapple martini's & greasy cheeseburger lunch date, yesterday on her official birthday with dinner out where Blinkee the Clown was entertaining & once more on Saturday when a clan of family & friends will gather to wish our sweet lil bean a Happy 3rd Birthday & you know there won't be a dearth of food and drink.  Sunday will begin a fresh week,  perhaps, by then, Lyla, will have come to terms with her new age.  Lyla is insisting she's two.  When she'll finally decide she's three we'll just have to wait and see and then I can have another celebratory margarita!  haha  for months she's been volunteering "when I'm three I'll go on the potty", not entirely sure why she'd make that statement, especially, given that she really has no desire to go on the potty because "if I do business on the potty I'll miss something" is what she's told me, "but when I'm three I'll go."   My best guess is NOW she IS Three and well, she's just not ready to take a break from regularly scheduled playing to do her business.  I'm certainly not going to push the issue, as far as I'm concerned, she'll do it when she's ready & it won't be a long drawn out process like when I tried last summer.  6 weeks of charting..that she mastered, but decided at the end wasn't for her and threw back on the diapers. lol  I'd rather her wear diapers and move to the potty on her own terms than be washing panties, clothing and bedding like it's my job..Oh wait, it is one of my jobs. Eh, I do enough laundry already....with water rates where they are it's probably less expensive to buy diapers for another month or two than start a potty war.  There is a battle I need to get back to winning, it's the battle of the bulge.  I've been diet misbehaving for far too long & am full of excuses...thing is, there is no good excuse for any of it, but in the end...I'll get back to it when I'm ready.  Lyla & Momma two peas in a pod; we'll be ready when we're ready. ha-ha

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's been a while since I've left a crumb. What's been going on in my world? 
New blogger dashboard.  Fenced in backyard.  Days that start out on a high note and end drastically out of key.  New blog address..if you have me bookmarked, change it up to  It's taken me a long string of days to figure it all out, find my way again, embrace it all & now here I am.  teeth only slightly clenched. Top notch change...the Fence.  It's so nice to open the door and let the dog out with minimal worry. & you can see it in his face...he's happier than a dog with a kong of frozen peanut butter but, even a sweet change is about adjusting to "new", it's not effortless for me.

The weather: Always changing. I've been obsessed with the 10 day forecast since the 18th.  Lyla's purple birthday bash is on the 28th.  it rained and was so raw last year. booo.  the year before, unseasonably Hot.  this year...I'm shoot'n for perfect.  fluffy cotton candy clouds, mid 60's will work for me.   

Our little girl is growing up.  3 Today! Happy Birthday, to our Growing Lyla bean. Some days can feel like weeks, soooo, where did all these years go?!   Three.  "When I'm, three. I'm gonna wear panties, but I'm only two, so I wear didie's."  Every commercial that has a child pictured in it, "Mama, when I'm a big girl, can I have that?" and if I'm not in the room, "Mama, you gotta come see this, this is cool."   & it's a Gak commercial 70 percent of the time.  "Mama, am I old enough for Gak?  Can I have Gak when I'm a big girl?"

Biggest Change:  she went from girl who didn't want to say a peep to make my ears bleed yapper of the year!  I at one point thought I should have called early intervention because she wasn't speaking, but looking back on it, she didn't have to talk, I did it for her.  I began & finished her sentences. I anticipated her next need.  We were both just learning our way.  We still's a good thing learning is fun. mostly.   

Today I will celebrate my new found baby step ability to accept change & my little growing girl.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

don't feed the woman in the corner, she may bite!

Hi! My name is Seija & I'm an emotional eater.
I've come a long way & have gained an ability to catch myself before many slip ups...but sometimes before I realize, I'm a pint deep in Ben & Jerry's. My justification = better it be potato chips dipped in ice cream than a pint of Bacardi 151, because I've battled those days, too..many of them were dark, lonely & are better left to the self medicating past. I'm reborn, but to my chagrin, still not perfect...which I'm coming to terms with as "normal". *wink*
I weathered through a 3 day span of feeling under the weather with a nasty head cold & you know what "they" say....Feed a Cold! F "they", "they" talk with the voices in my head and redefine diet direction. I couldn't taste anything, but I ate Everything on a journey for comfort & what a journey it was. There wasn't a shortage of food, desserts or sugary sweets with it being Easter weekend, full food spread AND baskets overflowing with candy. It was pleasureful and disgusting with every bite I couldn't taste. In the end, the only true remedy was rest. sleep. more rest and magical wishes from my sweet little Lyla bean, if only I'd believed in the rest and not fell into the shackles of comfort food and grubbing. I was so down, out, miserably snotty, sneezy, sick and tired of being sick and tired that I sunk to a new low looking for that comfort on Tuesday...I grabbed a slice of chocolate almond torte my mom had packed on Easter for my husband & I stood in a corner, Yes, I Stood in a Corner! haha ready to run if need be.. to hide from the child. Hello, Code Red Emotional Eating! When I look back, maybe I was feeling guilty for my poor eating example & wanted to shelter Lyla from any more gorging. yeah...No...I wanted every last bite! MY(husbands)Chocolate Almond Torte, All Mine(husbands)! Good News is...Here I am, day two of feeling the wealth of growing health. Yesterday I fell back into my good eating habits & decided to add a three day lunch plan of Going Green...Green is Good! Well, unless you ask Lyla, she's on a daily alternation with cheese wraps & macaroni. & don't dare call it pasta because she'll tell you...It's MACARONI! Maybe I should toss that macaroni with some pesto and really send her for a loop....

Go Green, it can't hurt.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless (mostly) Wednesday

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: favorite photo from March. Remember that string of super warm days? I do & can't wait until they return!

The Paper Mama

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Holiday Hangover

I'm really working on plowing through this cold, but I'm all outta gas, man. Kaputzzzz. It's been fumes for two days. Is it over yet? I'm a giant blob of a thing, with three senses lurching around on two heavy trunks & diminished intuition. Lyla scooped on my funk this morning..she's sharp as a tack and wanted a mini cupcake with pink frosting for breakfast so, while I was shlepping around looking for dayquil to wash down with my coffee she artfully spun healthy tones around fruity words, slathered it with a Please & hoped for victory, "Mama, Please may I have a strawberry muffin for breakfast?" I paused for a moment to question where we picked up strawberry muffins... Yeah, No. Better luck next time, kid.

I was looking forward to a day of lounging, had day dreamed about a post Easter tea party with all the bunnies we could find in the house, but motion was slow, the grocery store took forever, laundry, bunny thank yous & making some order of the egg & artificial grass shrapnel left our backs up against dinner, bath and what? Bed. The day is a blurr & certainly not because I moved at a tempo that could be compared to momentum. Even without alcohol I fell victim to a Holiday hangover with a splash of head cold.

Update: The husband just glanced over at me & suggested I find a place to lay down because I'm looking run down. Ha-Ha Ah...yeah, that's what I've been drag'n ass about for 2 days pull'n smiles from the reserve tanks. Thanks for the acknowledgement...Honey.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Scramble

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any Cadbury mini eggs. I broke that promise when CVS had a BOGO on them this week. I promised myself I'd only have a small handful just now. I failed & went for two handfuls. They're sooooo darn good & compliment the tea & honey I'm sipping down in an attempt to soothe my aching scratching throat. I'd hoped the sandpaper larynx feeling I woke up with would dissipate after a hot shower and cup of coffee this morning. NO such Luck. In fact, it's feeling increasingly worse as the hours pass & my head now has the hazy head cold sway settling in. Perfect. Blech. OH well, Grin & Bear it is the only option I have.
Lyla & I met some friends at an egg hunt this morning, I was a little weary because she was up late and I had to practically drag her out of bed and dress her sleeping limp body, BUT once we pulled up and her eyes focused in on the playground there was no turning back & worth the effort, a perfect warm up for Easter Sunday egg collecting...

Here's a video of her egg scramble this morning, she did a great job! Don't mind the larger bodies collecting in the 5 year old and under category...they're ignorant. ;)

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Glowing Eyes

We ordered a pinata, trinkets and candy for Lyla's birthday party later this month. It was delivered yesterday and as you can imagine she was pumped about it, we stuffed it, realized we needed more candy, ran out to buy some, stuffed it some more and then I remembered a couple weeks ago I picked up glow bracelets at the craft store to stuff into it, too. I never thought about how they'd crack and light when we stuffed them in so, new plan was we keep them out and play with them all month & the pinata wouldn't miss them. #1 rule I stated, "WE DO NOT Bite Them! DO NOT BITE THEM!" So, it's nearing bed time, I pieced together a few to make a necklace and another as they were intended as a bracelet and sent Lyla upstairs with them while I went to power down the house before heading up myself, what fun we'd have, in the dark before bed with glowing jewelry. All the sudden she's crying, not the whine fake cry she'd been pulling all day on and off trying to get her way, but an 'OH NO it Hurts Cry' ...I book it up the stairs, two at a time, and she's standing at the top landing, rubbing her right eye with her hand and holding the necklace with her left hand close to her mouth, I just knew she'd been gnawing on it. I ask her if she bit the necklace, she nods yes while she bellows painful frightened tears. I'm shaking the scared off of myself & scurrying with her to the bathroom sink while I ask her if it burns...she nods yes. I prop her up on the toilet and start cupping water in my hand and flushing her eyes...she's wailing. Now the husband is behind me & I'm asking her if it still burns, if she can see... She's frightened & not answering in words or gestures. C Love grabs her lil pink tea cup, fills it and is pouring it over her eyes, he does this a few times, the front of her pj's soaked with water, now she's entering hyperventilation cry mode. We've managed to traumatize her. haha She's so worked up, gasping for breath..barely audible she says "I'm okay." Phew. She's not blind! I tilt her head back and examine her eyes, I ask her if she can see me, if it's blurry. She's probably thinking, how can I miss that big ole head when it's inches from my face and you're holding my eye lids open? She again tells me she's okay and we give each other hugs. I have her rinse her mouth out and strip down her jammies, she's still whimpering and probably in shock from what hopefully was the closest singular experience she'll have with water boarding. "What did mama tell you the glow toy rule was?" and she starts crying again "No Bite! No Bite Them!" so, we had a little chat about how there are reasons mommy and daddy make rules and it's better to listen and follow them than to have to learn lessons and risk injury. Nothing like a spike in your blood pressure to keep you up past bedtime! I calmed myself with a Stephen King short story & how appropriate, it too, had a bit of glow. It featured a demon creature, in a suit on a riverbank with glowing eyes. I laughed. haha Glowing Eyes....

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Monday, April 2, 2012

four legs, fur & a party hat

Grabbing a new week by the horns wondering what happened to last week? We've begun making decorations and party planning for Lyla's 3rd birthday the end of the month. She is beyond excited for her "Purple Party"..."Moma, we gon hap Purple orks, Purple oons, Purple atkins, Purple cups, Purple bayoons! Happy Birday, EyeAh!"
We went out and picked note cards out to create invitations, chose scrapbook paper to cut, paste and hang as decorations, talked about what she wanted for cakes & food, purchased and pieced together an outfit, created a wish list online & now we're ready to put it all into action...well, almost ready...First we had to celebrate Oscar's 1st Birthday! On Wednesday, April 4th, Oscar will turn One. We've been looking back at photos and video's from our last 10 months with him, they oooze cuteness, heart warming cutesy wutesy, so damn cute you make up words like wutesy. It's hard to believe just a year ago he was so small and adorable & now he's a grown handsome boy. I laugh looking back on the stress and frustration I endured while training a new puppy...there were days I seriously didn't think I'd survive, wiping tears from my over tired eyes between wiping pee pee splotches on the floor...waking up every few hours to carry him out to do his business, those razor like puppy teeth scratching our flesh. I crack up thinking about before he was home with us and we were preparing for him, UPS delivered his crate and Lyla was jumping all around and so excited, happened to be naked, and pooped right on the floor beside it. Sure he's a whole lot of work, a toddler with fur, but he's brought so much joy to us & he and Lyla are the very best of friends. I'm glad I let the husband talk me into finding a dog to add to our family. I'd been hesitant because I knew the brunt of the responsibility would pile onto my already loaded plate, but Oscar is worth it.
The proof is in the photos.....

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