Thursday, April 12, 2012

don't feed the woman in the corner, she may bite!

Hi! My name is Seija & I'm an emotional eater.
I've come a long way & have gained an ability to catch myself before many slip ups...but sometimes before I realize, I'm a pint deep in Ben & Jerry's. My justification = better it be potato chips dipped in ice cream than a pint of Bacardi 151, because I've battled those days, too..many of them were dark, lonely & are better left to the self medicating past. I'm reborn, but to my chagrin, still not perfect...which I'm coming to terms with as "normal". *wink*
I weathered through a 3 day span of feeling under the weather with a nasty head cold & you know what "they" say....Feed a Cold! F "they", "they" talk with the voices in my head and redefine diet direction. I couldn't taste anything, but I ate Everything on a journey for comfort & what a journey it was. There wasn't a shortage of food, desserts or sugary sweets with it being Easter weekend, full food spread AND baskets overflowing with candy. It was pleasureful and disgusting with every bite I couldn't taste. In the end, the only true remedy was rest. sleep. more rest and magical wishes from my sweet little Lyla bean, if only I'd believed in the rest and not fell into the shackles of comfort food and grubbing. I was so down, out, miserably snotty, sneezy, sick and tired of being sick and tired that I sunk to a new low looking for that comfort on Tuesday...I grabbed a slice of chocolate almond torte my mom had packed on Easter for my husband & I stood in a corner, Yes, I Stood in a Corner! haha ready to run if need be.. to hide from the child. Hello, Code Red Emotional Eating! When I look back, maybe I was feeling guilty for my poor eating example & wanted to shelter Lyla from any more gorging. yeah...No...I wanted every last bite! MY(husbands)Chocolate Almond Torte, All Mine(husbands)! Good News is...Here I am, day two of feeling the wealth of growing health. Yesterday I fell back into my good eating habits & decided to add a three day lunch plan of Going Green...Green is Good! Well, unless you ask Lyla, she's on a daily alternation with cheese wraps & macaroni. & don't dare call it pasta because she'll tell you...It's MACARONI! Maybe I should toss that macaroni with some pesto and really send her for a loop....

Go Green, it can't hurt.

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