Monday, April 2, 2012

four legs, fur & a party hat

Grabbing a new week by the horns wondering what happened to last week? We've begun making decorations and party planning for Lyla's 3rd birthday the end of the month. She is beyond excited for her "Purple Party"..."Moma, we gon hap Purple orks, Purple oons, Purple atkins, Purple cups, Purple bayoons! Happy Birday, EyeAh!"
We went out and picked note cards out to create invitations, chose scrapbook paper to cut, paste and hang as decorations, talked about what she wanted for cakes & food, purchased and pieced together an outfit, created a wish list online & now we're ready to put it all into action...well, almost ready...First we had to celebrate Oscar's 1st Birthday! On Wednesday, April 4th, Oscar will turn One. We've been looking back at photos and video's from our last 10 months with him, they oooze cuteness, heart warming cutesy wutesy, so damn cute you make up words like wutesy. It's hard to believe just a year ago he was so small and adorable & now he's a grown handsome boy. I laugh looking back on the stress and frustration I endured while training a new puppy...there were days I seriously didn't think I'd survive, wiping tears from my over tired eyes between wiping pee pee splotches on the floor...waking up every few hours to carry him out to do his business, those razor like puppy teeth scratching our flesh. I crack up thinking about before he was home with us and we were preparing for him, UPS delivered his crate and Lyla was jumping all around and so excited, happened to be naked, and pooped right on the floor beside it. Sure he's a whole lot of work, a toddler with fur, but he's brought so much joy to us & he and Lyla are the very best of friends. I'm glad I let the husband talk me into finding a dog to add to our family. I'd been hesitant because I knew the brunt of the responsibility would pile onto my already loaded plate, but Oscar is worth it.
The proof is in the photos.....

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  1. sooo adorable, we pick maggie up tomorrow night. so when i have those "moments" i will remember to check this out again to see how worth it it is! Thanks for sharing!

  2. haha Good Luck! the beginning is like a fog, similar to that newborn haze. I highly suggest crate training.