Friday, April 6, 2012

Glowing Eyes

We ordered a pinata, trinkets and candy for Lyla's birthday party later this month. It was delivered yesterday and as you can imagine she was pumped about it, we stuffed it, realized we needed more candy, ran out to buy some, stuffed it some more and then I remembered a couple weeks ago I picked up glow bracelets at the craft store to stuff into it, too. I never thought about how they'd crack and light when we stuffed them in so, new plan was we keep them out and play with them all month & the pinata wouldn't miss them. #1 rule I stated, "WE DO NOT Bite Them! DO NOT BITE THEM!" So, it's nearing bed time, I pieced together a few to make a necklace and another as they were intended as a bracelet and sent Lyla upstairs with them while I went to power down the house before heading up myself, what fun we'd have, in the dark before bed with glowing jewelry. All the sudden she's crying, not the whine fake cry she'd been pulling all day on and off trying to get her way, but an 'OH NO it Hurts Cry' ...I book it up the stairs, two at a time, and she's standing at the top landing, rubbing her right eye with her hand and holding the necklace with her left hand close to her mouth, I just knew she'd been gnawing on it. I ask her if she bit the necklace, she nods yes while she bellows painful frightened tears. I'm shaking the scared off of myself & scurrying with her to the bathroom sink while I ask her if it burns...she nods yes. I prop her up on the toilet and start cupping water in my hand and flushing her eyes...she's wailing. Now the husband is behind me & I'm asking her if it still burns, if she can see... She's frightened & not answering in words or gestures. C Love grabs her lil pink tea cup, fills it and is pouring it over her eyes, he does this a few times, the front of her pj's soaked with water, now she's entering hyperventilation cry mode. We've managed to traumatize her. haha She's so worked up, gasping for breath..barely audible she says "I'm okay." Phew. She's not blind! I tilt her head back and examine her eyes, I ask her if she can see me, if it's blurry. She's probably thinking, how can I miss that big ole head when it's inches from my face and you're holding my eye lids open? She again tells me she's okay and we give each other hugs. I have her rinse her mouth out and strip down her jammies, she's still whimpering and probably in shock from what hopefully was the closest singular experience she'll have with water boarding. "What did mama tell you the glow toy rule was?" and she starts crying again "No Bite! No Bite Them!" so, we had a little chat about how there are reasons mommy and daddy make rules and it's better to listen and follow them than to have to learn lessons and risk injury. Nothing like a spike in your blood pressure to keep you up past bedtime! I calmed myself with a Stephen King short story & how appropriate, it too, had a bit of glow. It featured a demon creature, in a suit on a riverbank with glowing eyes. I laughed. haha Glowing Eyes....

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