Monday, April 9, 2012

Holiday Hangover

I'm really working on plowing through this cold, but I'm all outta gas, man. Kaputzzzz. It's been fumes for two days. Is it over yet? I'm a giant blob of a thing, with three senses lurching around on two heavy trunks & diminished intuition. Lyla scooped on my funk this morning..she's sharp as a tack and wanted a mini cupcake with pink frosting for breakfast so, while I was shlepping around looking for dayquil to wash down with my coffee she artfully spun healthy tones around fruity words, slathered it with a Please & hoped for victory, "Mama, Please may I have a strawberry muffin for breakfast?" I paused for a moment to question where we picked up strawberry muffins... Yeah, No. Better luck next time, kid.

I was looking forward to a day of lounging, had day dreamed about a post Easter tea party with all the bunnies we could find in the house, but motion was slow, the grocery store took forever, laundry, bunny thank yous & making some order of the egg & artificial grass shrapnel left our backs up against dinner, bath and what? Bed. The day is a blurr & certainly not because I moved at a tempo that could be compared to momentum. Even without alcohol I fell victim to a Holiday hangover with a splash of head cold.

Update: The husband just glanced over at me & suggested I find a place to lay down because I'm looking run down. Ha-Ha Ah...yeah, that's what I've been drag'n ass about for 2 days pull'n smiles from the reserve tanks. Thanks for the acknowledgement...Honey.

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