Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's been a while since I've left a crumb. What's been going on in my world? 
New blogger dashboard.  Fenced in backyard.  Days that start out on a high note and end drastically out of key.  New blog address..if you have me bookmarked, change it up to mamacrumb.com.  It's taken me a long string of days to figure it all out, find my way again, embrace it all & now here I am.  teeth only slightly clenched. Top notch change...the Fence.  It's so nice to open the door and let the dog out with minimal worry. & you can see it in his face...he's happier than a dog with a kong of frozen peanut butter but, even a sweet change is about adjusting to "new", it's not effortless for me.

The weather: Always changing. I've been obsessed with the 10 day forecast since the 18th.  Lyla's purple birthday bash is on the 28th.  it rained and was so raw last year. booo.  the year before, unseasonably Hot.  this year...I'm shoot'n for perfect.  fluffy cotton candy clouds, mid 60's will work for me.   

Our little girl is growing up.  3 Today! Happy Birthday, to our Growing Lyla bean. Some days can feel like weeks, soooo, where did all these years go?!   Three.  "When I'm, three. I'm gonna wear panties, but I'm only two, so I wear didie's."  Every commercial that has a child pictured in it, "Mama, when I'm a big girl, can I have that?" and if I'm not in the room, "Mama, you gotta come see this, this is cool."   & it's a Gak commercial 70 percent of the time.  "Mama, am I old enough for Gak?  Can I have Gak when I'm a big girl?"

Biggest Change:  she went from girl who didn't want to say a peep to make my ears bleed yapper of the year!  I at one point thought I should have called early intervention because she wasn't speaking, but looking back on it, she didn't have to talk, I did it for her.  I began & finished her sentences. I anticipated her next need.  We were both just learning our way.  We still are...it's a good thing learning is fun. mostly.   

Today I will celebrate my new found baby step ability to accept change & my little growing girl.

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