Wednesday, April 25, 2012

two peas in a pod

the excitement meter is jiggling on this end!  and also on my back end.  damn jiggle.  the watermelon margarita and chimichanga I devoured while out to eat last night didn't help the scale this morning...but what the heck, your daughter only turns three once.  or twice in our case, so far...with one more on deck. We celebrated Sunday with Disney on Ice which included a couple pineapple martini's & greasy cheeseburger lunch date, yesterday on her official birthday with dinner out where Blinkee the Clown was entertaining & once more on Saturday when a clan of family & friends will gather to wish our sweet lil bean a Happy 3rd Birthday & you know there won't be a dearth of food and drink.  Sunday will begin a fresh week,  perhaps, by then, Lyla, will have come to terms with her new age.  Lyla is insisting she's two.  When she'll finally decide she's three we'll just have to wait and see and then I can have another celebratory margarita!  haha  for months she's been volunteering "when I'm three I'll go on the potty", not entirely sure why she'd make that statement, especially, given that she really has no desire to go on the potty because "if I do business on the potty I'll miss something" is what she's told me, "but when I'm three I'll go."   My best guess is NOW she IS Three and well, she's just not ready to take a break from regularly scheduled playing to do her business.  I'm certainly not going to push the issue, as far as I'm concerned, she'll do it when she's ready & it won't be a long drawn out process like when I tried last summer.  6 weeks of charting..that she mastered, but decided at the end wasn't for her and threw back on the diapers. lol  I'd rather her wear diapers and move to the potty on her own terms than be washing panties, clothing and bedding like it's my job..Oh wait, it is one of my jobs. Eh, I do enough laundry already....with water rates where they are it's probably less expensive to buy diapers for another month or two than start a potty war.  There is a battle I need to get back to winning, it's the battle of the bulge.  I've been diet misbehaving for far too long & am full of excuses...thing is, there is no good excuse for any of it, but in the end...I'll get back to it when I'm ready.  Lyla & Momma two peas in a pod; we'll be ready when we're ready. ha-ha

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