Friday, May 25, 2012

flea market finds V1

I love to rummage through tarnished, twisted old gaudy jewelry at flea markets.  & when I saw this locket I wanted it.  I had to have it!  There was a small white tag attached to the clasp with "locket $20" written in blue ink. I loved it, but not for that price or even near that price.   The woman was packing up her table, always a great sign for deal making, & as I attempted to untangle the locket chain from two other necklaces it was intertwined with I asked if she'd take 5 bucks for it.  Imagine the smile on my face when she said yes.... 

Next on the flea market find list is a fish bowl.  The woman was asking three bucks, she settled on two.  We had clear glass balls and colored glass blocks at home packed away from a previous tank I'd had years ago...dug them out & for under $10 we purchased a fish, food and plant.  Lyla had wanted a Goldfish, but we were advised they're better off in larger tanks with filters..dirty little buggers.  Lyla's first fish is a male Betta named, Hanger Branch Girl.  The "girl" means he's not a boy anymore.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I've been slacking in the blogging world, with both posting and reading my favorites.   I'm confident once I explain myself you'll understand.
Yes.  I was anti-digital reader until I received one as a gift.  Hello!  Best Gift Ever! Love My Nook! & I didn't have to sell all my hardbacks to pay for it, even better!  I hadn't downloaded a book yet and I loved it, I didn't have a wireless router, yet & I loved it.  I had to drive to the nearest Barnes and Noble to register it with their free available Wi-Fi.  I sat for what felt like hours scrolling books to buy, went back the next day and sat in the parking lot to grab their signal and scrolled through more books.  I couldn't make a decision.  I didn't want my first book I read on my Nook to be a dud.  Then, it hit me..erotica isn't really my reading thing, but with all the hype surrounding, Fifty Shades of Grey, how can I not read it.  Libraries are banning it, it has to be good!   I was 17 Chapters deep and still not sure I was on board to read the second in the trilogy, asking myself why is this book being banned in libraries? maybe my idea of submissive/dominant sex is far darker than it actually is in reality, but this book seems more hot sexy love story than masochistic. I wasn't feeling much pleasure & then it happened....I fell in love with the damaged Christian Grey.  

This is my explanation for my lack of attention to the blog world & now,  my Nook is recharged & ready for our date.   I'll be back when I'm back! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

nearly wordless Wednesday

Different Palate Same Head Space



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Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7th 2012

on May 7th, 1972 at 6:25 p.m., I began my journey outside the womb into this big bright world.  it was 40 years ago.  holy mackerel.  a week ago my husband told me to figure out where I wanted to eat dinner for my birthday tonight.  I seriously could not make a decision.  I've been riddled with anxiety about this birthday & really it's no big deal in the big scheme, but some things I just can't get'n old.  today was a beautiful day so, I decided to hit up the seafood market grab some shrimp & steamers, I wanted to spend my birthday dinner in our backyard with my two favorites while I dropped buttery clams down the hatch, Perfect!  OH..a cake.  We'd need dessert & I remembered I'd set a recipe aside that I'd planned to make for Lyla's party as an 'extra' but just didn't have time to pull off...chocolate peanut butter fun cake!  FUN!     Now, it's 9:34 p.m. and I'm just sitting down...maybe I should have just made up my mind on eating out because damn, it was a lot of work to cook it all, clean it all & then prep beef stroganoff for the crock pot that I'll wake up at 4 a.m. to fire up for the husband to bring to work tomorrow.  Yay Me!  & if you sense attitude...yeah, you're right on the money.  This morning I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I woke up to make & pack the husbands lunch and there wasn't a card for me.  We don't exchange gifts for Birthdays or Holidays, but a card, store bought or homemade, is the norm around here to mark special days.  Then, I thought...well, maybe he's just waiting until after work when we're all hanging out.  Nope.  No card from the husband & fortunately, for mom had Lyla on Saturday so, she helped her make me a birthday card.  If it weren't for my mom step'n up, Lyla wouldn't have had a card for me either.  & maybe it's silly & I'm over reacting because anxiety has beat me up and down for weeks and it's meltdown time...but,  it just would have been a nice sentiment to have something mark today as "special" from my family other than the dinner & cake I made for myself.  (which btw was delicious)  Damn, C Love, why not tell me to sleep in with Lyla and you'll make your own lunch in the morning & wake up at the crack to put the crock pot on for your work luncheon, or how about you offered to do the dishes tonight,  or run off into the other room and make a shifty card from printer paper once you realize I'm feeling down about it?!   My Dentist office staff all took the time to sign a card & mail it to me, but my husband....Nope.  "I didn't think you wanted to make a big deal about your birthday."   Are you kidding me?  Since when is a Birthday Card a Big Deal?  That doesn't even make sense to's a card, not a skywriting!  It's too late now & I'm sure in a few days we'll laugh about it....but, this moment, I'm almost speechless.  On the flip side, Lyla & I had a great morning at gymnastics & running errands to prepare the Birthday dinner.  She helped me bake, we soaked up the beauty of the day outside, she put on make-up to look beautiful for my Birthday & then asked if she looked creepy.  Ha-Ha  I couldn't have asked for a better wise that's for sure & so many friends and family touched base to wish me a super day, I can't be too upset about one weak link in the chain.....& maybe next year I'll get two cards now.





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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Server Rant

I'm a full-time mom and part-time server.  I love my part-time gig, most shifts it's like I'm on Holiday,  & on the drive there... I may, on occasion,  literally sing out loud.  Madonna, "Holi-dayy.....Celehbrayte!"  & as many times as I've done it...I feel free.  Every. Time.  ha.  A handful of hours away from housework a couple nights a week, away from waiting on the three beings who I share house's awesome.  I don't have to paint, dance, color, sing nursery rhymes, count forwards & backwards, do dishes, cook, bite my tongue. & here, I release it.

Tonight I waited on a three top that fired me as far up as the Super Moon!
*Mrs. Budweiser who stated with each bottle she did not need a glass; I got it, Honey.  You don't need to remind me that you're into nestling your lips around the rim. 
*Mr. Fatigues who was annoyed with me when I asked for his ID after he ordered a Blue Moon.  My apologies, but get over it.  How the F is a nearly 40 year old woman, like myself.. supposed to know your bald headed baby face is really 31?!  I get carded everytime I hit the package store & don't pull a fit. Bring it!  Card Me!  I'm 40 on Monday! 
*Ms. What Brand Moscato Do You Have? Eh, I'll just have a Pepsi.  Hmmmm..Why?  Because you don't have your ID on you & I just carded your lover boy?
I wish I could have made a special request to Mr. Fatigues and Ms. WBMDYH-Pepsi   ~ When I'm at the table taking the order can you please quit the snuggling, knee rubbing, general hands all over each other?  Thanks!
Oh & next time...don't stiff your server out of a tip & then sit at the table for two hours preventing them from having a shot at another party who'll actually understand  & follow the concept of dining etiquette, especially, after you've looked me in the eye & said everything was excellent, thank you, we enjoy coming here...blah, blibbity, blah.  Charlie Brown teacher.  Your Faces: Never Be Forgotten = The Stiffs.  Do they realize that I'm taxed on 8% of their sale?  I paid money to serve them.  Seriously?!   I can only hope it was an oversight and they're not really the asshats I've now labeled them.  I'm Insulted & certainly allowed it to get the best of me.   But...Come On..Seriously?  (bite my tongue)
BS happens, some people suck & damn, I tell myself  "shake it off girl" there could be an explanation for the threesome & their general disregard for my wage making, although I take it as a direct insult to my ability as a competent server each and every time I see much less than 20% on a tip line.  So, You!...reading this, if you're leaving 15%...Step it Up!  Your Servers are talking smack about you when your backs out the door.   It really is insulting...maybe to both of us.  Step it up and we're both on the up & up.  Maybe it's wrong of me....& I apologize, but it's 2012, the price of everything has increased yet waitstaff are still making less than $3 an hour and some people still think 15% is a satisfactory gratuity.  SMH.

My Top Ten Server Pet Peeves  (I won't bother listing a stiff or poor tip, because's obvious)

1.  Dirty Tissues.  Seriously?  Go to the restroom and blow your nose or do whatever you do with those tissues, don't leave them for me.  Unknown mucus.. grody behavior.  (bite my tongue)

2.  When I approach the table and ask a question please listen and respond.  There is nothing more annoying that having a full station of people to care for and there's this one table you stand at, waiting...while they finish a conversation.  Seriously?   It's plain rude to hold me up from attending to my station so you can chit chant. Serving is a groove & you're F*n it up. & hello, I know you see me!  I'm right here!  Muffin top in a black top!  I don't give a rats ass about your bark mulch. (bite my tongue)

3. When I ask "Can I get you anything?" means, I'd like for All attending to tell me at that moment and not wait  until I come back with something else someone wanted.  You, reading this,  if you're out to dinner & there's more than 3 of you, You! help a server a out if your buddy isn't paying attention, ask him yourself, you poke your nose through his conversation & save us the awkard. c'mon. It sucks when you come back with a fresh drink for 'man on inside right' and woman on inside left all the sudden needs another.  Red Flag: high maintenance. (Run Buddy) .  (bite my tongue)

4.  Couples who sit on the same side of the table.'s ridiculous for me to be annoyed by such a petty thing.  I can't help it.  Drives. Me. Crazy.   (bite my tongue)

5. People who pick up their water glasses and start drinking when I show up with a water pitcher.  Seriously?  those extra two sips really matter right now?  don't make me stand there watching you drink.  poor choice.  (bite my tongue)

6. People who touch me.  There was, no joke, two people in my 'serving career' who've slapped my hand.  Yeah...I know!  Who the F does that?  Seriously?  You just slapped my hand.  ha.   (Bite My F*n Tongue) you have to laugh, though... Who the F does that?!

7.  Hmmm.  See, I really do like my job...I'm finding it difficult to think of a 7th.  7 is the Birthday.  My husbands Birthday. & My favorite number.   That & it's after midnight now & we have an early hour date at Parker's Maple Barn in the morning...  I'll take a photo for you!  I'm debating Maple Ribs or Stuffed French Toast.  ....................sweet dreams. 

Stay Dining Classy!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

the best of friends

This weeks photo challenge:  Favorite Photograph from April.

This is an easy choice for me. I fell in love with this photograph before I even pushed the button and heard the shutter click.

This photo was taken Easter morning after our first egg hunt and just before we left to head to grammy & grampy's for the second egg hunt. Lyla & Oscar BFF's. :)
Whenever I catch moments like these between the two of them I can't help but reflect on how I'd been resistant to the idea of a dog in the beginning.

#1 I knew the brunt of the responsibility would lay upon my shoulders.

#2 I've never owned a dog.

#3 The dogs I remember most in life were the ones I'd see when I spent weekends with my father as a child. They weren't "family" dogs & only understood the Finnish language, of which I knew very little. Those dogs frightened me & left me with dog phobia.

#4 ...I knew the brunt of the responsibility would lay upon my shoulders.

I'm so thankful I stopped clinging to my childhood fears & my usual stubborn streak and agreed to go check out the litter and meet a puppy to call ours. I'll never forget the first time Lyla held him, he was just over a month old and it was love at first sight, in that first split second it was nailed down..Best Friends Forever!

We made the trek home and began planning for his arrival. First up: His name. I made a list of names and after days of more lists and more names, Lyla chose Oscar. Which she pronounced Ocah! He's just over a year old now, a (mostly) well behaved big puppy. Our blonde hairy cuddle bug.


The Paper Mama

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Friday, May 4, 2012

adventures in potty training

I'm no, Elisabeth Shue, & there haven't been any run-a-way friends, fraternity parties or blues club jams..but there has been adventure...because the use of public restrooms is always adventurous! (& yes, I've no doubt aged myself with the adventures in babysitting reference) I'm not getting any younger any time soon. We've had adventures of shopping for panties, potty prizes, dining out celebrations, shopping for more panties & prizes; with the rain all our trips outdoors included jumping in puddles.  FUN!   We're on Day 5 of potty training & it's been smooth sailing other than some rough waters on Day 2...which I now believe were a test.  for me.  Obviously, if it's been this easy she's physically and mentally ready for the panty world. Not to mention I've used Polly Pocket's & her new found love of make-up to my advantage.  There is a little hesitation with pooping on the potty,  it has successfully, happened twice...but there was a general fear and discomfort in her demeanor.  I know how it is to be stripped of your pooping regime & after two days of no poops, I threw a diaper on her last night & told her to go take care of business.  She did & she thank me.  Little Sweetie.  You could tell she felt better afterwards because the needless whining she'd been deafening me with completely stopped.  ha-ha maybe I sent the wrong message, but having had 'backed up' issues myself I'm willing to find a better way..for us..than what people say the 'norm' is.   I was well into my adult years before I could even think about taking a poop somewhere other than my home toilet & put me in a camping environment & I've gone entire weekends without taking care of business...the end isn't always comfortable, why would I do that to my three year old?  Exactly... I won't.   There is a higher incentive today for finding the potty for poops & we'll work on it...stress free.  I have to say this has been easier than I anticipated. I'd heard & read so many horror stories of accidents, tears, never ending if laundering ever ends as it is.  I had visions of pee pee laundry piling up & me frazzled hanging from a rope burning at the other end,  but hasn't been the case..She's a potty rock star!  Hooray for my girl!   We'll use up the rest of the diapers and pull ups we have for bedtime, although, it hasn't been necessary, she wakes up dry...BUT, we are a co-sleeping family so, we'll play it safe until we run dry & with any luck the pooping issue is resolved with the compassion I've exhibited & a higher payday to motivate stinky business on the potty. 


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This weeks Photo Challenge:  Happiness

The Paper Mama

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every day brings fresh Thanks

Number ONE way to know she's not a baby anymore...all the little pieces her toys come with now.  OUCH, My feet!  & we haven't even stepped into lego territory yet.   The 3rd Birthday Party was a Purple success...we were purplified and she loved every minute of it...except for that one melt down~one is a victory.  The first day after the party I asked her what her favorite part was & she piped up with "decorations", she loved making and hanging all the decorations.  As she should, we hand cut purple styled paper and covered so many receptacle's & cut and glued several strings of purple garland, ribbon, then blew up balloons, hung streamers...Purple. Purple. Purple.  Cups. Plates. Straws. We paid attention to detail right down to dying the cake batter shades of purple. It was all scrapbook paper she picked out and Mama incorporated.  Nearly a month of planning & creating her dream of a Purple Party.  It all came alive.  The second day after the party I asked her what her favorite part was & she said all the people.  She loved "all the people who came and had a Happy Birthday."   I hope, like she believes, that all who came had a Happy Birthday.  :)    I'm still recovering, it was a whole lot of work to get it all ready & even more work to clean it all up, the house is still somewhat littered with purple & after not having done my regular chores since last Friday I'm running a gauntlet of laundry and dust bunnies.   Eh, tomorrow is a fresh day to get caught up & I'm interested to learn what Lyla will say her favorite part was the third day after....

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Lyla bean!

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