Friday, May 4, 2012

adventures in potty training

I'm no, Elisabeth Shue, & there haven't been any run-a-way friends, fraternity parties or blues club jams..but there has been adventure...because the use of public restrooms is always adventurous! (& yes, I've no doubt aged myself with the adventures in babysitting reference) I'm not getting any younger any time soon. We've had adventures of shopping for panties, potty prizes, dining out celebrations, shopping for more panties & prizes; with the rain all our trips outdoors included jumping in puddles.  FUN!   We're on Day 5 of potty training & it's been smooth sailing other than some rough waters on Day 2...which I now believe were a test.  for me.  Obviously, if it's been this easy she's physically and mentally ready for the panty world. Not to mention I've used Polly Pocket's & her new found love of make-up to my advantage.  There is a little hesitation with pooping on the potty,  it has successfully, happened twice...but there was a general fear and discomfort in her demeanor.  I know how it is to be stripped of your pooping regime & after two days of no poops, I threw a diaper on her last night & told her to go take care of business.  She did & she thank me.  Little Sweetie.  You could tell she felt better afterwards because the needless whining she'd been deafening me with completely stopped.  ha-ha maybe I sent the wrong message, but having had 'backed up' issues myself I'm willing to find a better way..for us..than what people say the 'norm' is.   I was well into my adult years before I could even think about taking a poop somewhere other than my home toilet & put me in a camping environment & I've gone entire weekends without taking care of business...the end isn't always comfortable, why would I do that to my three year old?  Exactly... I won't.   There is a higher incentive today for finding the potty for poops & we'll work on it...stress free.  I have to say this has been easier than I anticipated. I'd heard & read so many horror stories of accidents, tears, never ending if laundering ever ends as it is.  I had visions of pee pee laundry piling up & me frazzled hanging from a rope burning at the other end,  but hasn't been the case..She's a potty rock star!  Hooray for my girl!   We'll use up the rest of the diapers and pull ups we have for bedtime, although, it hasn't been necessary, she wakes up dry...BUT, we are a co-sleeping family so, we'll play it safe until we run dry & with any luck the pooping issue is resolved with the compassion I've exhibited & a higher payday to motivate stinky business on the potty. 


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