Saturday, May 5, 2012

the best of friends

This weeks photo challenge:  Favorite Photograph from April.

This is an easy choice for me. I fell in love with this photograph before I even pushed the button and heard the shutter click.

This photo was taken Easter morning after our first egg hunt and just before we left to head to grammy & grampy's for the second egg hunt. Lyla & Oscar BFF's. :)
Whenever I catch moments like these between the two of them I can't help but reflect on how I'd been resistant to the idea of a dog in the beginning.

#1 I knew the brunt of the responsibility would lay upon my shoulders.

#2 I've never owned a dog.

#3 The dogs I remember most in life were the ones I'd see when I spent weekends with my father as a child. They weren't "family" dogs & only understood the Finnish language, of which I knew very little. Those dogs frightened me & left me with dog phobia.

#4 ...I knew the brunt of the responsibility would lay upon my shoulders.

I'm so thankful I stopped clinging to my childhood fears & my usual stubborn streak and agreed to go check out the litter and meet a puppy to call ours. I'll never forget the first time Lyla held him, he was just over a month old and it was love at first sight, in that first split second it was nailed down..Best Friends Forever!

We made the trek home and began planning for his arrival. First up: His name. I made a list of names and after days of more lists and more names, Lyla chose Oscar. Which she pronounced Ocah! He's just over a year old now, a (mostly) well behaved big puppy. Our blonde hairy cuddle bug.


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  1. Lovely photo - very dreamy! <3

  2. OMG....I adore everything about this photo. It's magic!!!!!!

  3. I love this shot, it is stunning! I love the processing too! How beautiful!

  4. LOVE THIS. You should submit it somewhere for publishing...too good not to share with a wider audience!