Friday, May 25, 2012

flea market finds V1

I love to rummage through tarnished, twisted old gaudy jewelry at flea markets.  & when I saw this locket I wanted it.  I had to have it!  There was a small white tag attached to the clasp with "locket $20" written in blue ink. I loved it, but not for that price or even near that price.   The woman was packing up her table, always a great sign for deal making, & as I attempted to untangle the locket chain from two other necklaces it was intertwined with I asked if she'd take 5 bucks for it.  Imagine the smile on my face when she said yes.... 

Next on the flea market find list is a fish bowl.  The woman was asking three bucks, she settled on two.  We had clear glass balls and colored glass blocks at home packed away from a previous tank I'd had years ago...dug them out & for under $10 we purchased a fish, food and plant.  Lyla had wanted a Goldfish, but we were advised they're better off in larger tanks with filters..dirty little buggers.  Lyla's first fish is a male Betta named, Hanger Branch Girl.  The "girl" means he's not a boy anymore.

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  1. Good job negotiating. Another example that it can't hurt to ask!

  2. Thank you! It was a bargain. :)