Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I've been slacking in the blogging world, with both posting and reading my favorites.   I'm confident once I explain myself you'll understand.
Yes.  I was anti-digital reader until I received one as a gift.  Hello!  Best Gift Ever! Love My Nook! & I didn't have to sell all my hardbacks to pay for it, even better!  I hadn't downloaded a book yet and I loved it, I didn't have a wireless router, yet & I loved it.  I had to drive to the nearest Barnes and Noble to register it with their free available Wi-Fi.  I sat for what felt like hours scrolling books to buy, went back the next day and sat in the parking lot to grab their signal and scrolled through more books.  I couldn't make a decision.  I didn't want my first book I read on my Nook to be a dud.  Then, it hit me..erotica isn't really my reading thing, but with all the hype surrounding, Fifty Shades of Grey, how can I not read it.  Libraries are banning it, it has to be good!   I was 17 Chapters deep and still not sure I was on board to read the second in the trilogy, asking myself why is this book being banned in libraries? maybe my idea of submissive/dominant sex is far darker than it actually is in reality, but this book seems more hot sexy love story than masochistic. I wasn't feeling much pleasure & then it happened....I fell in love with the damaged Christian Grey.  

This is my explanation for my lack of attention to the blog world & now,  my Nook is recharged & ready for our date.   I'll be back when I'm back! 


  1. I was also anti-digital reader until I got one. Now..GREATEST THING EVER!!
    I had the same question in my mind when reading that book...is there something wrong with me that the book is not affecting me the way it is all these other women? Am I a freak? Is there something wrong with me that while I love Christian...I have a thing for Taylor?

  2. ha. I finished the third book last night and while in the end I did enjoy the read (it was something to read) it wasn't, as it usually isn't, worth all the hype.