Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every day brings fresh Thanks

Number ONE way to know she's not a baby anymore...all the little pieces her toys come with now.  OUCH, My feet!  & we haven't even stepped into lego territory yet.   The 3rd Birthday Party was a Purple success...we were purplified and she loved every minute of it...except for that one melt down~one is a victory.  The first day after the party I asked her what her favorite part was & she piped up with "decorations", she loved making and hanging all the decorations.  As she should, we hand cut purple styled paper and covered so many receptacle's & cut and glued several strings of purple garland, ribbon, then blew up balloons, hung streamers...Purple. Purple. Purple.  Cups. Plates. Straws. We paid attention to detail right down to dying the cake batter shades of purple. It was all scrapbook paper she picked out and Mama incorporated.  Nearly a month of planning & creating her dream of a Purple Party.  It all came alive.  The second day after the party I asked her what her favorite part was & she said all the people.  She loved "all the people who came and had a Happy Birthday."   I hope, like she believes, that all who came had a Happy Birthday.  :)    I'm still recovering, it was a whole lot of work to get it all ready & even more work to clean it all up, the house is still somewhat littered with purple & after not having done my regular chores since last Friday I'm running a gauntlet of laundry and dust bunnies.   Eh, tomorrow is a fresh day to get caught up & I'm interested to learn what Lyla will say her favorite part was the third day after....

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Lyla bean!

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