Friday, June 1, 2012

Foody Friday: lick lip licking BBQ sauce

I'm all about just about any variety of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, but then there are days where there's nothing quite like cook'n up a batch of your own...or on this particular day...two of my own.  It's as simple as measuring a few basic ingredients, deciding on a couple surprise ingredients, stirring, boiling, simmering & tasting. 
I'd had nearly a full jar of apricot preserves left over from a strawberry tart I glazed for Lyla's birthday party.  Added a spicy kick and lip licking spicy apricot bbq was born!

nearly a cup of preserves
nearly a cup of plain tomato sauce
couple tablespoons red wine vinegar
fresh garlic, one clove minced
dime size of cumin
almost two tablespoons of chili powder
dash of salt
half a dash of cayenne pepper

Brought it to a boil, simmered it until it thickened.  cooled it. basted with it.  Loved It!

The other is a recipe my husband introduced to me & has become a house favorite.

mince a small onion and a couple garlic cloves saute it in a wee bit of olive oil until tender
add ketchup 2/3 cup
a fourth cup of brown sugar
3 tbsp molasses
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
half a cup of coffee
1 tbsp ground ginger
wee bit salt

bring it to a boil, simmer several minutes until thickened and use it or store it.

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