Thursday, June 7, 2012

learn the yield

Oscar looked at me with a set of , C'mon, just trust me on this one, eyes...& finally,  I throw my arms up, "Fine, we'll go to the door and you'll see you have this all wrong."  Sure as it's rained for far too many days in a row there was a Chinese take-out menu slipped through the door handle.  & don't you know once I said it out loud he shot me the, told ya so, eyes.  Whoever pinned the menu there had ninja skills, I didn't see or hear a thing other than the dog alarm. I did the "hush, no barking, Oscar...there's nobody there. you're hearing things," As I scouted out of the nearest window.  I shushed and shooed him away, tried anyway.  He literally followed me everywhere... whining.  Laughably, it's the same way his BFF displays insistence.  I thought..I'll show him! Walked him to the door to prove there was nothing there...............hmmm.  I was so sure of myself... that didn't work out how I'd imagined.  He would have loved it had I allowed him to scratch n sniff the chicken fingerprinted menu. 
Oscar's lesson to me today: Never challenge a dog in a super sonic hearing smelling show down.

I'd prefer if, Lyla, would learn a lesson on finding rest before the worst napping hours of dinner time tick tock on the clock.  We've attempted to "rest" for longer than the last hour.  She defiantly sits straight up, stiff...for minutes at a time, quietly sassing, she doesn't need rest, then scoots up and darts away.   Repeat. There's frustration nestled between my grinding teeth.  Breathe.  In....Out.  Inhale....Exhale.  Let her have this one, it's not worth the enamel.   Oscar lays in the window, resting.  I sit & stare out the window trying to block out the non stop chatter, the harder I try the louder it becomes.  "Mama, Mama, Mama, Watch This!"  She Zigs, She Zags. She'll Zonk out...eventually. 

I'm 0 for 2 today. least the rain stopped.  before it started again. 

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