Thursday, June 21, 2012

my very own whaw, whaw moment

The morning started with the husband whining that he didn't have any clean white tshirts.  AND?  what would you like me to do?  twitch my nose, spin four times and wish a white shirt to materialize?  Quit Whining! Shame on me!  Worst Wife Evah!  Sorry, I'm four days behind in chores because I damn near broke my back get'n the yard, kid, food & dog ready for your Father's Day BBQ & could barely walk for two days, never mind lug laundry up and down two flights of stairs. Here's a thought, yesterday when you realized you had one clean white shirt left you should have strolled your ass downstairs and tossed in a load of whites, they're always all sorted and ready to rock.  ??  BUT, it's likely you didn't even notice you had one left, because you don't usually need to notice these things.. Because, I'm the captain of this ship & it's usually running in tip top shape.  it's all my fault for, not being the worst wife evah, but being the BEST wife evah. HA. 
Then the kid whined at first blink because it was too cold in the room with the AC. Here's an idea.  Last night when I mentioned you put on pj's you could have agreed with me instead of creating a naked uproar OR  Get up & walk out the bedroom door because it's about 97 and a half degrees out there, sweetheart.  and she did and she still whined and demanded a pair of panties and a long sleeve tshirt with a rainbow on it!   Done!   Wear it, see if I give a hoot.  in fact, wear it and how about you sweat the binky out of your mouth that you refuse to relinquish, even though you're 3 going on 6 & tell everyone you're still two..unless it suits your needs. A 3 year old can have gak and lolipops & swim in the big pool....or so I've been told.  By 9 A.M. she was shed'n the long sleeves ask'n for a bathing suit & hiding the binky away to keep it safe from the threat of disposal.
A morning wouldn't be a morning if the dog didn't try to snatch Lyla's breakfast or follow me around at the heels always step'n on the back of my Croc for my flop.  always trip'n me up...or is it keep'n me on my toes?! Today, it was so damn hot and every time I sat down he came over, as if he wanted to cuddle.  seriously?  It's damn HOT, Oscar!  Do you really need to come pant your steam'n summer breathe on me?!  for real, dog...go find some shade.  Here, take a bowl of ice cubes, a kong full of frozen peanut butter & scram.
& why am I talking about all this?   Eh, I just wanted to vent.  I did manage to survive the day...happily.  But some mornings it's like back to back slaps in the face.

Thanks for hanging in and reading me out.... if you made it this far.

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