Monday, July 9, 2012

broke & deaf in one ear

Why when my wallet is near dry do expenses that you never saw up like an unwanted visitor at your door.  Although, it was my own fault not keeping up with the date Oscar would need his shots, called to check on it this morning..he's due tomorrow. HA.  Perfect.  At least I was a day ahead of the cut off.  They quoted me $176 on the phone for his annual check up, lyme disease, distemper and rabies immunizations & heartworm test.  UGH.  Tomorrow.

The primary physician called for the husband, wants blood work & an office visit to talk about it, we still have $150 left to pay on our deductible, I'm sure the blood work will ring in close to that dollar & the visit will be a $30 copay.  Awesome.
Our budget misses our 'cadillac' insurance. 

Tonight we need to buy a new dehumidifier for the basement the other one crapped out last weekend, googled the issue...yeah, every complaint resembles our own trouble, guess we didn't do our due diligence on that purchase last time, there's another $200.  UGH.
So far that's almost 600 bucks worth of  "didn't see that coming" smack to the face expenses this month.
I feel violated.  Can you see the hand print on my cheek yet?  an expense assault.

I wanted to kick a wall when the light wouldn't work on the ceiling fan in the kitchen! I was one fist shaking towards the sky away from totally losing my cool when I realized it was the pull chain switch that wasn't working...a deep breath, grabbed the needle nose, screw driver, & decided to cut the power and dismantle the fan, I don't have money for a new ceiling fan and light, but I did have  I ran stairs to figure out which breaker to turn off, naturally, the ceiling light in the kitchen wasn't marked on the breaker box & it wouldn't be a day in the life if it wasn't the last damn breaker I tried.  Fist.  Shake.  Sky.   UGH.
Hit the hardware store down the street & Yippee to me, $4.98 for a simple fix.  Light. On.

Back to the dog.  I'd already made an appointment with the vet for his "wellness visit" when he started up with this whooping, something I shouldn't have had is stuck in my wind pipe & I can't breathe, snot rocketing cough.  doggy misbehavior backfire.  I think I know what he had a hard time swallowing.......

Lyla had a mini meltdown when she realized puppy was missing an ear.  She has a puppy & a kitty that travel with her on overnights.  She asked if I could fix it.  If we find the ear can he be fixed?  Um...the next time we see that ear...I'm not going there.  I'll have to make a new ear for puppy.  I noticed earlier she'd thrown all the dogs toys out on the deck and locked him out.  Tough Love.

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