Tuesday, July 24, 2012

everyone wins on vacation!

"Mama, when I touch your legs they prick me with their pointy thorns."  
3 days home from vacation and 3 days without a leg shaving = pointy thorns on my legs.  ha-ha  
What a beautiful week we had away at the beach.  I put to use the Tetris skills I honed as a young adult and we managed to fit myself, daddy, Lyla, Oscar the doggy, Hanger Branch Girl the fish, all our clothing, the dog crate (thank goodness for the collapsible model) and beach gear into one vehicle...off we went!  Vaaroooom!  Beach or Bust!  I would have sang the Go's Go's "Vacation" the entire way there if, Lyla, would have stopped hollering, "Mama, Stop Singing!" and Daddy didn't drown me out with his own music.  Pfft.  They don't understand my Joy sometimes...if I didn't think it would have pushed their we're annoyed with Mama level into the danger zone I would have busted out Madonna's "Express Yourself" as a witty retort, but they can be so lame and bothered by my manic antics so, I just let it fly and sang silently, tapping my foot against the fish bowl nestled between my feet.  Hanger Branch Girl gets me!  or at least can't tell me otherwise...

What did we do on Vacation you ask?  I can tell you I didn't surf the net.  only played in the surf. 
We beached it up..it's great when you can put 40+ hours into get'n sand in your crack, diving into crashing waves, digging holes, building sand cities, reading books & soaking up rays.  I'm happy to report nobody suffered from too much sun & all our early to bed nights confirmed we certainly enjoyed our fare share of fun from sunrise to sunset. 
Daddy was a legend at the arcade on night 3.  He beat the fastest time on a bicycle race game which awarded him 300 tickets.  Score!  All the workers were pointing at him whispering "he's the one who beat it."  hahaha  It was hilarious! If only for a night, he was a Legend.  We saved all our tickets for the end of the week, 2696 tickets allowed Lyla to choose from a large array of prizes.  Her choices: A stuffed Disney Pluto for 2000 tickets(she's cuddling with him as I type), a lobster claw for 300 tickets..the dog has since destroyed it because Daddy and Lyla teased him with it every chance they got, grabbing his tail and ears with the claw. haha  and Candy...of course she had to snatch up a baggie full of taffy & tootsie pops.  Best $100 we ever spent at Joe's Playland. 
I asked Daddy what his favorite part of the week was and he said it was a walk he and Lyla took together gathering shells, they'd come across an empty crab shell...Lyla asked about it and CLove when on to tell her how the crab was swimming in the waves, must have been washed on shore and the seagulls got a beak on him.  Lyla looked at him and said "tell me again, but not the seagull part."   LOL
Lyla's favorite moments change hour to hour, day to day...from jumping waves, to playing in the sand, flying her kite, looking for shells.
I'd babble on and on about how it's difficult for me to zone in on one "favorite", but these thorns on my legs are driving me nutso, time for a shave!  
I'll be back..silky smooth.

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