Friday, July 13, 2012

Foody Friday a Tofu Pup Experience

I do enjoy tofu.  extra firm slices with salt and pepper sprinkled on it, maybe a slice of cheese a piece of butter lettuce. mmm.  scrambled tofu with veggies. yum.  tofu burgers topped with grilled veggies on a hearty bun.  I'd never had a tofu dog.  or pup as the package read.  I'd been looking forward to trying hot dog toppings I'd come across in an issue of, Everyday Food, & picked two to try, but I have a problem with hot dogs.  I don't want to eat them & decided I'd throw these topping recipes on a healthier option.  Tofu.  I purchased real dogs from the deli for the husband, he'd never agree to even try a tofu dog. They were both delicious "toppings"  Hawaiian rang in as the hubby's favorite.  I really loved the Mexican Charred Corn Dog.  The Tofu Pups were nasty.  I would have rather had just the toppings between the bun.  The pups had this strange orange color to them & the after taste was ...ewww.  worst $3.49 I've ever spent. 


The hubby would have this one again: Hawaiian Dog.

My Favorite of the two: Mexican Charred Corn Dog.


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