Monday, August 20, 2012

fat girl in the mirror

As I sit here and type this, the waist on my jeans is tight and my extra large sized muffin top is bulging over.  lovely.  picture of beauty. ha-ha
It's Monday, at 4.  I have a case of ...I want to eat my own arm.  I've had breakfast. lunch & a snack. Today is day one of Operation Fat Ass WILL Shed Pounds!  It has to be done before hibernation weather creeps up on me because that weather brings with it, comfort food which I have an affinity for, yeah...shocker! :)  My short term goal is to be down 7 lbs by September 17th, nearly a month to lose 7 seems like an attainable first goal.  I only chose the number because it's my favorite.  I dig 7.    I'll weigh in once a week, on each Monday and either laugh or cry. or both.  in the past whenever I set out to lose any amount of weight I've always joined WW.  Great Program!  but, this time...I'm just going to attempt to be conscious of every bite I put in my mouth and do a rough calorie count.  we'll see how it works out. 

275 Calories
one slice of scali toast with peanut butter and banana   
coffee with milk and an artificial sweetener (which in years to come will probably be declared carcinogenic)

260 Calories
half a syrian pocket with a slice of cheese, slice of turkey, olive oil mayo, chopped tomato & lettuce
pickle spear

Afternoon Snack
80 Calories

455 Calories
sliced boneless chicken thighs with broccoli in a soy/oyster sauce over sesame ginger rice

40 Calories
roughly, 60 ounces of Crystal Light 

1110 Calories on Day One & except for the late afternoon hungry horrors I feel satisfied, but I'm still digesting dinner, so this 'not so bad' belief may turn into 'grab me a devil dog' before night fall. 
I won't bore you with my daily diet, day in and day's just good practice for me ...for now.

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