Tuesday, August 21, 2012

suck in the gut

if I sit here and suck in my gut I feel thinner already!  Midway through Day Two of Operation Fat Ass WILL Shed Pounds  & I've had breakfast, lunch and a snack ...all before 2 p.m.  Stahv'n Mahv'n!

305 Calories
1/2 bagel with smidge of cream cheese
coffee with the milk and crappy sweetener

290 Calories
pocket with a slice of ham, cheese, spicy brown mustard, shredded lettuce and pineapple

250 Calories
Flipside crackers...the best!  cheddar and pretzel sides...yum!  with cheddar cheese

80 Calories

425 Calories
two slices of homemade plain pizza

add another 40 calories on Crystal Light and we're right around  1400 on the day.  More than day one, but still better than the gluttony I've practiced for the past month.

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