Friday, August 24, 2012

white glove test. clean.

Half of America wouldn't know a stitch about the cycling world if it weren't for Lance and his victories.  maybe I wouldn't. I've watched hours of those tours, signed up to receive race updates, they were grueling, exciting & sexy.  sure, it's likely he was doping, from what 'they' say, they all were. it was the culture, saw opportunity and beat a poor system, fell right in under the "rules" ...until 'they' didn't.  difference?  if he doped, he never got caught.  people can't get over it, the testing failed them.  'they' so badly want to prove he isn't some kind of super hero, but they're failing to realize,  It's too Late.  he's already fought and won the only fight that truly matters at this point, this is all unnecessary drama. drama. drama.  Agent Nelson Van Alden of the USADA needs to pick a new battle, one he can actually win... all the he said, she said bullshit up against what Lance has accomplished both in and out of the saddle. smh. dude, he was "supposed" to die & he beat the odds, rode with USPS & won the Tour de F*n France 7 F*n Times!  Nelson, you look silly. take your "evidence" along with all the negative test results and move off & away from the positive force which is Livestrong.  get to living.  Lance is taking his ball to a better game.   any way I look at it he's an amazing human being, athlete, the best of the lead pack(perhaps the dopest of the dopers), a cancer ass kicker and Survivor.  it just doesn't me, anyway.  his accomplishments far outweigh the dusty allegations.
he's not hard on the eyes either.

Photo: Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz.

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