Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Work'n hard for no money....


"Lyla, please don't play with the beads from the broken necklace, we'll put them aside and restring them another day."  and she looked at me with eyes blazing seriousness, "Mama, if this is the way you're planning to act today, well, you'll be in TIME OUT!"    Geez.

Jumped over the flowers along the perimeter of the patio today, didn't realize Oscar had dug a hole beneath the greenery, left foot jammed in, big toe bent further than it probably should have, a symphony of cracks & pulled muscles was heard and I fell down to my hands and knees.  F*n Dog!  My toe is on fire..don't see a bruise, it's a little swollen and burning up.  lol

This Morning:

While the husband was get'n ready for work and I was making his lunch like a proper wifey all was fine and cheerful until I mentioned the Olympic hours I'm keep'n are draining me, he snapped back with at least I don't have to go to work & I have nearly the entire month off from work ...  Hello?  Can you say F*n Cranky?!  Maybe he shouldn't be staying up so late, either because I don't need to be dealing with his grizzly morning attitude. WTF.  Anyway... I dared to mentioned how what I do daily is no vacation and he went on about what I do isn't real work.

"Corey, why don't you stop talking right now before you dig yourself a grave, you have no clue what you're talking about & you sound like a chauvinist."
and he looks at me ..."I'm not saying what you do (meaning home with Lyla day in and day out) isn't work, but it's not work, work. I could probably do it if I didn't have to also Work. You get to sit on your ass all day and play with our daughter most people would love to be able to do what you do."  
(this from the jerk off who is home for an hour from WORK and becomes testy because he needs Daddy Time?!)
Mind you, we've had this same tiff more times than I can count on one hand...almost word for word in all probability.  Me saying STFU before you say something stupid and him spewing the typical SAHM ignorant statements that people without a clue spew...someone stab my ears with knitting needles..I'd rather be deaf than listen to the dumb dribble from his mouth!  He simply does not get it, the work it takes to entertain and have a little mind thrive..day in. day out.  I'm clenching my teeth with aggravation right now. F*n Dink. All this because he's jealous over me having 3 (unpaid) weeks off from work??!!  He doesn't realize these three weeks are not a 'vacation' for me.  Ha. A vacation! Now, I'm aggravated with myself for being so annoyed with his dumb ass because it's so off the mark that it should be hilarious.  3 weeks, 24 hours a day with a 3 year old & her best four legged doggy friend = A vacation?!  I need those 2 nights a week to keep me semi sane,  He's Still Alive because I work 14 hours a week and get away from them!
Cheers to me and another day in the life...Most Thankless job fricken Evah! 

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