Wednesday, September 26, 2012

apples, onions & weight not lost

The weight loss didn't go so well.  ha-ha  I didn't reach the 7 lb goal and I gained back that which I'd lost., to step on the scale this week and be down the 4 again, with still 3 to go before I reach my 7lb goal.   Sure, I could have skipped the apple pie baking and eating, but life is too short to snub fresh baked apple pie & I'm damn proud because I've never baked such a perfect pie. ever. & Lyla hand picked all those apples with her very own cute little mitts.  Sure, I could have halved my food portions, or not had a half dozen cups of homemade french onion soup in two days, but F That, it was too good to walk away from & I'm too wound up in my head to not emotionally eat right, pass the goodies and let me heal... *wink* 
Maybe next week I'll hit the 7lb down mark, crazier things have happened.

Here are some photos of our apple picking adventure & pie...and that delicious best ever french onion soup I made!  It was soooooo goood.  something about the all day cooking, toasted baguette and fresh gruyere cheese that'll always put a smile on your face!

Monday, September 10, 2012

time to eat a donut

I blink my eyes and "poof" minutes morph to days gone by. time keeps on slipping.  I think about coming here, I take mental notes on all the funny bits of my life I want to share or the annoying run ins with the public I want to complain about, but then it's time to make breakfast, time to do crafts, time to dust, time for a bath, time for lunch, time for the playground, time for errands, time for reading, time to prep dinner, time to eat, time for a bath, time to read, again, time to make a list of tomorrows to-do's, time for bed.  repeat.  time warp. 

So what's new, you ask?  A couple of "firsts" since I checked in last.

the pink frosted rainbow sprinkled donuts were in perfect alignment with the sparkling brown eyes that gazed just above & across the counter top to the far wall while balanced on tip toes.   "mama, I want the pink bagel!"  My eyes dart around & there was the tray of glistening pink confection perfectly level with her line of vision, "Not today, Lyla, the next time we come you can order it."  Lyla has never had a donut.  bagel yes. donut no.
Had never had. 
we hit the drive thru on our way home from class this morning. it's been about a week since we were there, but you know the always absorbing retaining mind of the 38 inches perched directly behind me piped up with..."the pink bagel!  I want the pink bagel," as soon as we pulled into the drive-thru line. the memory on this kid has me smiling with amazement everyday. The last time, I'd told her next time so, I didn't even attempt a back pedaling negotiation AND she'd done such a great job listening, and following direction back at the gym in her very first non mommy assisted gymnastics class....I ordered the not a speck of nutritional value sugar coated melt in your mouth wheel of deliciousness & explained to her it's a donut, not a bagel.  I can't remember the last time I had a donut, given my ongoing conflict with the battle of the bulge I chose to keep it that way.  the last thing I need is to give birth to a weakness for weight damaging donut devouring.  speaking of weight...I'm still hanging in with the calorie counting...half ass style. It's felt like I'm one day on, one day off, one day on, one day off track.  Last Monday didn't go so well with only 1 lb lost, but would have been worse to see an increase. I think my celebration of Hello Labor Day indulgence may have been to blame (it was worth it)!  Without the liberty of pointing fingers towards any specific reason other than my own bad habits, this week was Zero lost. ugh.  3 more to go until I reach my goal & 7 days to accomplish it.  I had pizza for breakfast, the decision may haunt me. 

began a part-time nanny gig.  three girls.  8, 5 and 2.   they're sweet children & while the older two are off at school Lyla has a one on one little person connection.  if only I had the opportunity to video Lyla and B in the backseat last week after we dropped the other two at school.  L & B fastened in their car seats each holding a pretend phone....
"hello!" says Lyla.
B says, "hello!" back at her.
"Hello!" says Lyla, again.
"Hello!" right back from B.
"HELLO!" says Lyla, yet again.
"HELLO!" B shouts back.
and then they both kicked their legs gleefully and giggled in a pitch so high, I checked my shattering mirrors for dogs.

By the looks of it, Lyla, enjoyed the frosting more than the actual donut.