Wednesday, September 26, 2012

apples, onions & weight not lost

The weight loss didn't go so well.  ha-ha  I didn't reach the 7 lb goal and I gained back that which I'd lost., to step on the scale this week and be down the 4 again, with still 3 to go before I reach my 7lb goal.   Sure, I could have skipped the apple pie baking and eating, but life is too short to snub fresh baked apple pie & I'm damn proud because I've never baked such a perfect pie. ever. & Lyla hand picked all those apples with her very own cute little mitts.  Sure, I could have halved my food portions, or not had a half dozen cups of homemade french onion soup in two days, but F That, it was too good to walk away from & I'm too wound up in my head to not emotionally eat right, pass the goodies and let me heal... *wink* 
Maybe next week I'll hit the 7lb down mark, crazier things have happened.

Here are some photos of our apple picking adventure & pie...and that delicious best ever french onion soup I made!  It was soooooo goood.  something about the all day cooking, toasted baguette and fresh gruyere cheese that'll always put a smile on your face!

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  1. God love ya girl! We're all in this together! I agree! Life IS too short to pass up l-i-v-i-n! I always say I do WW 85% of the time and rest of the time I enjoy life! :)