Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy eat too much day, nap, repeat.

It's Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it?  Where the f has the year gone.  When did my daughter become such a big girl?  There are days she even wipes her own butt!  ...this is big stuff in my world.  damn, do I love my world, even the ass wiping part of the gig.
I've read many 'I'm thankful'  professions for 22 days & most, as you would suspect, were heartfelt...& maybe even sincere, good for them!  I'm throwing out a material thanks today! All the occasions the husband & I have forgone gift giving has materialized into  a super duper new 'puter!   Our office now ready for triple attack!  Daddy & I no longer need to share our computers with a three year old with new found love of online videos and games.   Yay Me!  Yay Her!  Yay Daddy!  Yay to more blogging... maybe. *wink*

Time to go get my Lazy on!  Thanks to my mom who'll throw down a lip licking, belly bulging spread today, but until then....we'll be fart'n around in our very own computer lab.  ha.  geek squad.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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