Sunday, November 4, 2012

weighted farewell

Shipyard Pumpkin Ale & I are officially breaking up this week, it was a great October run.  Sure, I could go purchase a couple cases to hold onto, but I have such a difficult time with practicing moderation, I need to turn my back now and not look back.  Oh, how I love you poured into a glass with just the slightest head that snuggles up to the lip licking candied rim of sugar & cinnamon. 

My only reason for ending my Pumpkinhead season early is because managing my weight is my top priority. In the month of October I've gained 12lbs.  TWELVE POUNDS?!   Seriously,  I can't blame it all on the beer, but a case a week of 185 calorie bottles poured into a glass with sugar and cinnamon is no light affair & drinking those quantities also changed my eating habits for the worse. 

The number one sign it was a great run & I drank my fair share and enjoyed every drop and granule came about during the purchase of what would be my last case. I brought my daughter along & was explaining to her in the car on the way to the packie that I'd checked the liquor store down the street from our house the night before & they were fresh out of Pumpkinhead, that it only comes around during the Fall and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to it yet.  I talked about how this was a special Pumpkinhead mission, we were on an adventure to find me a case!  We walked into the package store and suddenly, Lyla, took off in a sprint down the aisle towards the back of the store where a giant display was piled high of Shipyard Pumpkinhead, she began jumping up and down shouting, "Mama, they have it!  They have it! LOOK!"  Both of our faces lit up as if rays of sun were shining through the roof.   I, too, wanted to jump up and down, but I contained my excitement...until we were in the privacy of our own home.

I can't wait until we dance again, Pumpkinhead!  Keep on, Keeping on....

Now...time to get this weight off,  it's a constant struggle.


  1. Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow.)-:
    I feel your pain on the 12 pounds thing, I really do. I myself am extraordinarily good at gaining weight. Blah!
    I have a friend who I go walking with and she was shocked to discover that she had gained 7 pounds over the course of the year. I tried really hard to be sympathetic, but seriously?? 7 pounds in a year??? I wish!!!

  2. in my perfect world, losing weight would be as easy as gaining. ;)