Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'd been working on a blog about my daughters head cold morphed into mutant brown syrup blowing out her butt every time she coughed for 9 hours & then Friday showed up & my "shitty" day was well...a day I'd take over & over again if the alternative was the tragedy that struck Newtown, Connecticut.  My heart is heavy.  It saddens me that anyone had to die, especially innocence.  Children.  Young kids who are clueless to the dark ugliness that presents itself in the world from time to time. Clearly this young adult was suffering from something much larger than himself.  Yes, his actions are incomprehensible & we're angry, we're heartbroken and we desperately need to place blame & understand Why?!  Investigators will gather evidence and surmise a reason, but the truth died yesterday in a senseless tragedy. We can erect metal detectors, we can build walls, take safe haven behind bullet proof glass, ban weapons.....or we can address the deeper issue, mental health.

For my own mental health, my television is off.

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