Monday, January 14, 2013

lightening the load v1

My incentive to lose weight Should be the fact that I initially felt a pang of embarrassment with the thought of  hopping on a scale and sharing the number with other people and sure maybe that moment of flush will be a powerful factor in sticking with this drive to not only lose the weight, but lose the highest percentage of weight to win some Money.  At the end of the day...Cash is King & damn it, I want that Ca$h     and I'm exhausted with being a fat ass.

Day One.  3 hours since weigh in.   I could have vomited in my mouth when I saw the numbers flash on the scale.  Holy Pounds!  Who knew morning coffee would weigh me down so much?!  HA!
Oh, by the way...I'm F*n Starving!   It's all in my head.

It's all in my head.

It's all in my head.

6 hours after weigh in.

50 ounces of water later...
coffee with milk later...
scrambled egg white later...
slice of toast with peanut butter and banana later...
nacho chips and salsa snack later...
couple cups of roasted eggplant and butternut squash later...

nobody has been hurt.


I haven't thought much about my plan, other than making myself accountable for every morsel I put in my mouth & chew.  & swallow.   If I was into spitting I'd have an entirely different set of issues to manage, both sides of this road can be gnarly.  Accountability and...I have to get moving, drag this fat ass around. move it. groove it.  I have videos & an elliptical machine, but today I chose housework, I can't scare myself away from my "plan" that I don't have too soon in this quest for a narrower ass.  4 loads of laundry from the bedrooms to the basement, 16 flights..that'll give you jelly legs...and that is only the laundry runs., I don't know how I fell so far behind with the laundry?  I realize my memory is that of a 40 year old & my screws are loosening, but the 3 baskets of folded laundry prove I haven't been a total slack.  ....hmmm. maybe I have too many baskets, that's what it is.  7 baskets to hold clean/dirty laundry for a family of three allows me to lay back & sets the husband up for failure.. one of the pet peeves that makes my eyes & neck twitch is his inability to put his laundry away before I'm called out for nagging him about it.  On occasion I throw my arms up and do it myself...Ah-ha! so in the big picture, why wouldn't he wait it out with the off chance I do it for him.  I've thrown a wrench & snagged my own expectation.
.....and nine & a half hours after weigh in... I'm Stahvin' ... ha.  I had dinner, chicken thigh, squash & eggplant and a splotch of lentil rice.  I ate enough, I think...waiting out 20 minutes before I make a decision on a possible after dinner snack & with any luck my brain will receive the message from my belly that I'm full. 

everyone is still alive and well....
100 ounces of water later.

Day 1
55 to go.   Are you ready? 
NO, better yet.... Am I Ready?


I'm off to lick the pages of a foodie magazine.

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