Friday, January 18, 2013

lightening the load v5

Despite my desire to lose a day, today is Day 5, not yesterday like my hungry for excessive coupled with empty calorie deprived brain had hoped.

Ahhhh, deep breath.  inhale.  exhale.  Day Five of my 8 week weight lost challenge, again. Still so early in the game..the beginning of the quest to find a thinner healthier me beneath my emotionally gained armor of fat, veiled with winning cash.
The husband called earlier..he wants, Pizza Hut, for supper.  Pizza Hut?  I can't remember the last time I had Pizza Hut & it's a good thing because I'm guessing it's 100 calories just to smell a slice.  Lick a slice.. 300.    No Pizza Hut for me, I'm on a mission & I won't detour to the Hut...only Five days in.  I cannot promise my drive to stay the course won't be derailed..on day six.
I'll be creating my own bite on a local pizza shops "Big Mac" pizza.  A bit of calorie rebellion compared to much of my choices in the last several days, but made at home where I can control the calorie content.  Hamburg, pizza dough, cheese, onion, pickle, lettuce, thousand island.  I don't have the hamburg & no desire to hit the store. I'm faced with a need to improvise. I have a cup of taco beef in a container in the fridge  leftover from the husbands taco night Wednesday.  I figure if I rinse it to wash some of the taco seasoning and warm it, it won't be too bad of an option.  Ha-Ha.  Ghett-Oh! 
Today will prove to be a difficult day.  It's Friday.  While many people are throwing their arms up in celebration, I'm calculating the degree of restraint I'll need to practice during pig out days of the week, for at least the last few months it's been customary to indulge, proceed without caution, eat like it's your last meal on the weekends. It's a great time until the pants you bought in August have buttons literally tearing away from the fabric because you're squeezing ten pounds of ricotta cheese into a single size ravioli...with that imagine burnt in my mind it wasn't a difficult choice to go healthy and light with leftovers at the lunch hour.   I made it work & honestly, I was less than thrilled when I figured out what I had to work with, in the end it was pretty darn tasty.  My lentil rice burger on a pita and mango slices rang in for 226 calories. I used an egg white to help form my "burger."
This is the kind of eating that will catapult me to the winners bracket of this weight loss challenge.    I'm practicing the bowing of my head, so I have perfect form for the ceremony when I'm adorned with the winners crown.   There is a crown, no?!   Oh, okay, maybe a crown would be too over the top, I'll practice my "show me the money" winning dance & if the end I don't win at least I've knocked calories down along the way pretending.

My use what you have in the fridge & make it healthy lunch.

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