Monday, January 21, 2013

lightening the load v6

It's been a week!  I survived a week of 1400 calories a day...well, & that one day that it crept up to 2200.  eeek. over all it was a great first week, now seven more to go before I win this weight loss challenge.   I have lost weight, but my eyes aren't keen enough to know exactly how much.  ha.  I don't have a digital scale and my eyes, without my glasses, can't decipher how many little lines I've decreased on my old school dial scale. Sure, I could put on my glasses and schlep myself upstairs, but knowing I've lost is good enough for now.
I feel good.  I don't feel bloated like I did.  I've done a bit of cardio exercise to ease myself into a routine, not much.  This week I'll incorporate more time on the elliptical and may start with a little resistance and light weight work.  Less weight more reps will propel me to win this weight loss challenge!  

Happy Monday!  My day will be sprinkled with fun, a Monday full of the fun of laundry sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away.  What a great Day!  We'll throw in a trip to the gym for gymnastics, then back home for more of that laundering fun.  We'll have to peel ourselves away from all our fun with the washer and dryer mid-afternoon for even bigger fun & take a trip to the dentist.  OH yeah, I told you, this day has Fun written all over it!  Lyla told me I should cancel her appointment because she doesn't want to go & doesn't Need to because she knows how to brush her teeth already....apparently, she's onto my sarcastic 'this will be fun' tone.  Buck up, Kid.. the Fun never ends!

You know what's great fun?  shoveling up frozen dog poop in the backyard...I can't believe the husband leaves all this fun for me, he's so thoughtful.   Just this morning he said, "It would be nice if you could go to work for me today."  & leave all this fun behind.  No F*n Way, off you go, This Fun is All Mine! 

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